Top 20 YouTube Interview Questions

1. What is YouTube?

Ans. is the most popular online video-sharing website in the world, with viewers watching over six billion hours of videos each month via their desktops and mobile devices. It offers users the chance to upload, watch and share video clips.

2. What do subscribers mean?

Ans. YouTube Subscribers refer to the number of youtube accounts that have chosen to subscribe to your channel. As a user, one can subscribe to as many youtube channels as they wish.

3. What is YouTube Studio?

Ans. YouTube Studio is youtube’s official video management and publishing platform.

4. What does YouTube monetization mean?

Ans. You can generate revenue by putting adverts in your videos or channel so that when people watch your content, they may be shown relevant product advertisements. Youtube monetization allows partners to make money from their youtube channels.

5. How can YouTube be useful to small businesses?

Ans. YouTube allows businesses to showcase their products, brands, and services in front of a wider range of targeted customers. It’s an ideal way to build brand awareness, increase market share and generate new business opportunities by establishing your youtube channel as the go-to source for viewers to learn about your company, its value proposition, and expertise.

6. What is YouTube paid advertising?

Ans. You can use youtube paid advertising services by paying google to promote your videos in front of specific users for a fee. For example, if you sell adidas shoes, you might want to target people watching videos about sports or videos from channels related to football or another sport.

7. What is YouTube content ID?

Ans. Content ID refers to youtube’s way of helping copyright owners find and manage their content on youtube, including user-generated content containing copyrighted material.

8. What is YouTube channel art?

Ans. Channel art is youtube’s term for a brand’s banner image, a form of youtube cover photo.

9. What do YouTube playlists mean?

Ans. YouTube playlists allow users to organize and keep track of videos.

10. What is youtube’s search algorithm?

Ans. YouTube uses a lot of different criteria to rank videos on their sites, such as relevance to user queries, video quality, and view count. YouTube doesn’t disclose their search algorithm, but presumably, the more views you get, the higher youtube will rank your video.

11. What is YouTube advertising?

Ans. YouTube advertising refers to youtube sponsored video ads shown via youtube search results and elsewhere on the site.

12. What are YouTube cards?

Ans. Youtube Cards refer to the way in which youtube allows businesses to enhance the videos with information and multimedia content.

13. What is YouTube channel membership?

Ans. YouTube Channel Membership allows youtube users to gain access to exclusive youtube features (such as member-only video uploads) by paying a monthly subscription fee.

14. What are YouTube annotations?

Ans. Youtube annotations are a way of allowing users to make interactive text or image pop-up windows overlaid on youtube videos.

15. How can you increase your YouTube views?

Ans. The more viewers you have, the higher youtube will rank your videos in their search engine results.

16. What is a thumbnail?

Ans. A youtube thumbnail is the miniature image users see when looking at videos on youtube. It’s usually a screenshot of the video.

17. What makes YouTube content go viral?

Ans. YouTube content goes viral when it gets an enormous amount of views from youtube viewers, spiking its ranking in youtube’s search engine results and thus creating a rapid domino effect of views.

18. Are youtube’s monetization rules strict?

Ans. YouTube has fairly strict monetization guidelines that users must follow in order to make money with youtube ads. The general rule is that videos containing violent, drug-related, hateful, sexually suggestive, or other “objectionable” content aren’t allowed.

19. What is YouTube live?

Ans. YouTube Live is a real-time video streaming service that lets you broadcast live video to youtube and your subscribers, with an unlimited amount of viewers. You can also schedule youtube live events ahead of time.

20. What are YouTube shorts?

Ans. YouTube Shorts refers to short video clips, which users can upload and watch.

21. What are YouTube subtitles?

Ans. YouTube Subtitles allow video content creators to translate youtube videos into languages other than English by adding subs (subtitles) that appear over the top of videos.

22. What is YouTube analytics?

Ans. YouTube Analytics refers to youtube’s service that allows content creators to track and improve videos by seeing the statistics (such as the most popular tags, video views over time, and more).

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