6 Best TensorFlow Courses for Beginners


Technology geniuses all around the world are aware of what TensorFlow is and how it works. It’s an open-source library developed by a company to facilitate machine learning efficiently. Before TensorFlow machine learning was a very complicated task and required a lot of hours to complete the complex coding. After the invention of this coding library, the development of machine learning algorithms became easy.

The dynamics of landing a job are changing. If you want to land a high-paying, quality job you must invest money in learning skills outside your institution as well. The modern-day recruiters are not just looking for your degree certificate but they want more. Now the industry expects that you have certain other skills apart from your degree. The only way to obtain extra skills is to invest in obtaining extra certifications in your field. Not only in jobs, but the HR data from all around the world shows that those who obtain extra certification have better chances of getting a promotion.

Demand for TensorFlow Professionals

In the corporate world, there is a very heavy demand for TensorFlow experts who are familiar with all the aspects of developing neural networks, machine learning, and also can create AI models.  The biggest of companies like Uber, Amazon, Hyundai tech, and many more leading companies of the world are hiring TensorFlow experts to develop their products. If you aim to land a great job in any great technology company, then you must obtain certification as a TensorFlow expert. This is only possible after you pass the Google TensorFlow certificate exam. The following courses we mention below will train you to achieve this feat.

Before selecting the course, you must understand what your job opportunity requires. There are numerous courses out there in any particular field on the land, you need to look at what is most suitable for you.

TensorFlow in Practice – Coursera

Coursera is the biggest online education service that offers its services across 43 countries. There is hardly any field on the face of the earth in which Coursera doesn’t provide a course.  Just like every other course, the TensorFlow certification program is also one of the best in the market.

Coursera believes in providing hands-on experience thus it provides a more practical-oriented syllabus to the learners. The TensorFlow course that Coursera provides is based on industry knowledge and it teaches in a way that learners focus more on projects provided to them at the end of a tutorial.  The benefit of this approach is that it enables you to land a job in this field more quickly. The certificate that you earn after completing this course ensures the recruiters that you are familiar with the industry practices.

To become a part of industry-oriented learning, enroll here. 

TensorFlow official – Master ML with TensorFlow

What’s better is to obtain the knowledge from the master himself. TensorFlow official is the education website that is exclusively into teaching TensorFlow. The google based website is the main source of knowledge in the market when it comes to TensorFlow.

The teaching pattern of this service provider is based upon the A-Z approach. The course provided by this website has a curriculum designed to facilitate learning from beginner to professional.

What it believes in is the strong foundation of a learner in four things- coding, math, ML theory, and how to build your ML project from start to finish. The approach is simple, you progress phase-wise.  As you complete one phase by finishing the exam, you progress to another phase.

To experience stage-wise learning, enroll here.

TensorFlow for Deep Learning – Udacity

Udacity is an American education service provider that provides multiple courses in various fields. It is gaining a lot of popularity in recent times and proving to be great competition in recent times.

The Tensorflow course provided by Udacity is a self-paced learning course that helps the learners to learn from the industry experts.  It believes that there should be a practical approach for learning anything. The same value is inculcated in its TensorFlow course.

The best part about Udacity’s course is that the introductory tutorial is completely free for anyone. To do that enroll here.

TensorFlow for Deep Learning with Python – Udemy

This is another American giant that offers online courses on a massive scale. There is hardly any field of education in which udemy doesn’t operate. The inherent value of this organization is that nobody should stop learning, no matter what phase of career they are in. That’s why if you observe all the courses offered by udemy, you will notice that they have been customized as per the needs of a professional. They create courses that will enable the professionals to upgrade in their field and thus have better chances for promotion. This course has been developed by trying to balance the theory and practicality of any topic being taught.

They have a very innovative system of jupyter notebook guides that serve as a library of code. This is complemented with a collection of reference slides and theoretical notes. The best part, they have exercised at each step of the learning so that you have a good foundation of Tensorflow.  When you visit their website, you will observe that they have mentioned each topic that is going to be taught in a particular tutorial. This is helpful in a way that sometimes you may want to jump to a particular topic.

To enhance your skills by becoming a part of an intrinsically designed course, enroll here.

Deep Learning with TensorFlow Edx

The value promoted by Edx is simple, they say that you should always change in order to develop. What they believe in is that if you want to progress in your career you must keep on changing/upgrading your skills. They depict the true picture of changing dynamics of the world by highlighting the need for change. Just like any other field, technology is changing rapidly. The clear-cut description that they give to highlight the importance of their Edx course on Tensorflow is that the world’s data is unstructured and you need the knowledge of deep learning to make sense of this data.

The TensorFlow course of Edx starts with a simple “hello” and then they move on to describe each aspect of Tensorflow in detail.  Their course is structured in a way that the difficulty level increases as the tutorial flows. Learners start from the basics and then after 7 weeks they by executing the lessons of TensorFlow to real-world problems.

To start your Tensorflow journey with Edx, enroll here.

Machine Learning Crash Course – Google

There are two options when subscribing to Google official, there is an option of learning through Google official through self-study mode and there is another option to learn from the Google AI.  To know more about what option to choose from, visit the link given below. The matter at hand is the crash course provided by Google officials. This is a 15-hour short-term crash course that aims to develop the foundation of Tensorflow in a learner.

This course enables the learner to understand the basics of TensorFlow and how to apply them in the real world. This course is taught by google appointed lecturers who familiarise the learners with real-world ML problems so that the learners can apply the basic knowledge to structure the data.  This course comprises 25 lectures with 30+ real-world problems. This depicts that this course is aimed to introduce the learner to industry.

To subscribe to this introductory tutorial, enroll here.

Building Machine Learning Solutions with TensorFlow – Pluralsight

Pluralsight operates on a subscription-based business model.  It is one of the biggest education service provider giants in the world that provides an online course in almost all the fields.  Pluralsight is a bit expensive option as compared to the rest of them but the quality of education that they provide is worth every penny.

Tensorflow course offered by Pluralsight is a top demanded course among the professionals because it teaches machine learning and deep learning in an extensive depth.  Its course has prerequisites like ML literacy and python knowledge. This is also one of the reasons why professionals prefer this course more as compared to beginners.

Pluralsight TensorFlow course is mainly targeted towards professionals and their main aim is to enhance learning among industry experts.  The high prices and lack of introductory tutorials don’t make it a suitable option for the students. This is justified as well because the main target of Pluralsight is professionals only.  This course begins with testing your IQ and then moves forward as per your understanding of the topic.

To subscribe to this industry-oriented Pluralsight TensorFlow, enoll here.


You may notice that all of these courses are focusing more on the practical aspects of the course rather than the theoretical aspect. It was our duty to familiarise you with all the details of a particular course. What we want you to understand is that your school and college learning is restricted to theory learning only. It doesn’t train you to become a part of the industry. To become a part of the industry and stand apart from the crowd, you must always learn through these courses.  These courses will teach you real-world problems.

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