CoursesTop 5 SSRS Courses to learn Reporting in 2021

Top 5 SSRS Courses to learn Reporting in 2021


SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) is software that helps to accumulate data and create reports that are usable and accessible to the employees of the organization. These reports can be accessed on various devices on multiple platforms and can be utilized to watch and assess the organizational reports.

In today’s time, SSRS by Microsoft has become essential for most organizations to create reports in the shortest time possible. It offers a central system where all the reports are stored and appropriate information is delivered at the right time. A central report formation and management saves time and money and increases the efficiency of the employees.
As the relevance of SSRS usage has soared, the demand for SSRS courses has increased simultaneously. Learning SSRS would help create new job opportunities for you and you would be able to manage reports easily within an organization. It is considered an important skill for those working with data.


Before you opt for SSRS courses, you must know how it is used in an organization and why it is relevant. Thus let us know how SSRS can improve an organization’s performance and how learning SSRS can help you.

Organized workflow:

A secured and well-arranged central report system can be made with SSRS that in turn helps to organize all the works. SSRS email scheduling eliminates all unnecessary work by sending the necessary reports to the workers on time. Emails reach the right person on time directing the work to be done which saves a lot of time thus maintaining a speedy and efficient workflow.

Effective communication:

Secured data organization and report processing assure a safe and regular interaction. Even if employees make mistakes, report processing continues ensuring uninterrupted communication. Thus the flow of information and report formation doesn’t stop with an SSRS system.

Detailed information:

SSRS provides detailed insight into the regular information. Regular data and reports give a clear idea about the day-to-day performance of the organization. The information directly reaches your email and you don’t need extra effort to know the performance of each section of the company. As you get daily updates via the SSRS reports, it helps you to know the drawbacks which further makes you work on the improvement of the business.
Therefore, if you opt for the SSRS courses, you would eventually be able to assist an organization with the services mentioned above.

Best SSRS Courses you can enroll for:

Learn SSRS Reporting – Udemy

Udemy offers 2 types of SSRS courses. The first category teaches A to Z about SSRS applications and tools. The other category includes dedicated separate courses for each level and part of SSRS. So, depending on how much you want to learn, you can choose one.

The whole SSRS course costs $129.99 that will teach you the SSAS, T-SQL, SQL, integration services, and many more along with the practical application and unique tricks. The course offers on-demand videos, downloadable resources, articles, access to the course on any device, and on the completion of the course, you would get a certificate.

This course is very detailed and teaches you to step by step. Also, a 24×7 support system makes it worth it. You’ll be glad to know that Udemy offers free SSRS courses too. This free course contains video materials instructing you about the tools and uses of SSRS. This course is a cost-effective and convenient course for those who want basic knowledge about SSRS.

However, in the free course, you don’t receive any certificate and no direct support from the instructor. Other paid courses range from $19.99 to $109.99 and you may choose if you want to learn a specific part of SSRS.

Thus for better understanding and expertise, it is recommended to go for the paid Udemy SSRS courses and learn the best lessons and tricks.

Analyzing Data with SSRS – Learning Tree

This is another top-rated SSRS course that offers live classes, online classes, and allows inviting the instructor to the organization for team learning. The 5-day long course comes at 2 prices- standard at $3190 and government at $2833.

The training offers expert advice and training to the trainee and you would learn about how to collect data, use the reporting services, implement the reports and data, share reports, create mobile reports, and use a variety of reporting services together.

Complete guidance and training are offered by Learning Tree’s SSRS course. The online and live courses are convenient for individual learners who are thinking of making a career in SSRS. On the other hand, team learning is more fruitful for organizations that want to train their employees on SSRS.

Team training is done for the goal achievement of the particular organization and thus the trainer prepares tailored learning materials for the employees. This coaching is more specialized and helpful for the employees to know and learn how SSRS can contribute to the organization.

Undoubtedly, Learning Tree’s SSRS courses are intriguing and enlightening. Isn’t it?

Building the first SSRS Report – Pluralsight

Another high-rated and competent SSRS course that teaches a lot within a very short duration. This 2hr course provides intermediate-level skills and knowledge to the trainees and helps them to make their first-ever SSRS report.

Report making becomes easier and faster with the SSRS course by Plural Sight. You would learn to make professional and well-organized reports. Also, you will master the methods of deploying these reports on the SSRS portal so that other employees can have access to it.

Thus, this course will teach you to make reports that are informative and useful and use the reports for the development activities of the organization. You get to learn all these in just 2 hours and you can be a master in it if you remain attentive throughout the course.

Therefore, you may choose this time-saving SSRS course to master the fundamentals and kick start your SSRS works immediately. Because once you know the basics from Plural Sight’s course, you can easily improve by practicing.

SSRS Masterclass – Knowledge Academy

Knowledge academy offers standard and quality SSRS courses that teach about creating useful reports with the software, data sources, and how to apply the reports for the welfare of the company. The 1-day course costs only Rs 3295 ($45) which is cost-effective as well as time-saving.

No prior experience is required to enroll in this particular course with Knowledge Academy. The course provides notes and study materials, exercise papers for practice, and offers consultation and tutoring with the experts to learn better.

The course offers live classes, self-paced learning, online classes, and onsite learning making it flexible and accessible for all. The trainer is an expert with skills and expertise who guides you step by step throughout the course. After completing the course successfully, you will be awarded a certificate.

All who want to work with SQL should choose this course to know the detail about SSRS reporting. Starting from creating the report to deploying the report for organizational data management and development, all are included in this course. Also, you will receive expert advice and tips to work efficiently in SQL-based activities.

This course by Knowledge Academy is one of the cheapest and shortest SSRS courses that would train you professionally and prepare you for working in an SQL-based environment.

SSRS Training – Wise Owl

Wise owl offers 4 dedicated SSRS courses- Reporting courses, 3-day fast track SSRS, Report builder, and Advanced SSRS course. It offers both offline and online training that would help you to learn various aspects of SSRS reporting and its deployment.

The classes contain only a few students for better and interactive learning. The teacher is a professional with top-notch teaching skills that would make learning easier. Besides, you would receive important course materials and exercises that would help you sharpen your knowledge and skills.

You would also get a USB stick with all the course materials, exercises, answers to the questions that you can use whenever you want. The Wise owl also offers to provide unofficial assistance after the completion of the course in case you face any difficulty. At the end of the course, you would receive a certificate.

If you opt for classroom classes, you’d get a computer to use and learn SSRS. Like all other classroom SSRS courses, it offers all the standard facilities that would make learning easier and convenient for you.

The package price ranges from $968 to $1245 depending on which SSRS course package you choose among the 4 options mentioned above. Check the website for more details.


These are the top 5 SSRS courses that can teach you the usage and techniques of SQL activities in the shortest time possible. Different courses offer different facilities and you need to choose the most convenient one for yourself.

It is better to spend a bit learning SSRS so that you can learn and interact with a trainer who can guide you through. Also, paid packages offer the best course materials and practice tools that can improve your expertise and knowledge.

Select the SSRS course that matches your criteria and convenience now and become an SSRS master!

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