6 Best SPSS Courses and Tutorials for Beginners

Introduction to SPSS

SPSS stands for Statistical package for the social sciences is an excellent and professional software for researchers who work with statistical analysis. It has features that are used for the analysis of social science data. SPSS makes complex analysis easier and provides simpler ways of interpreting data.

Marketers, researchers, and survey companies Situs Slot Online Terbaik find the software useful and extremely easy to use to complete analytical tasks. For professional and in-depth analysis of social science data, this is the platform that experts choose the most. This not only makes the task easier but also maintains accuracy.

What are the main features of SPSS?

A number of functions are supported by SPSS that you may use. Let us briefly learn about these features.

  • Statistical programs- The primary function of SPSS is to assist in statistical analysis. All simple and advanced features of statistical analysis are available in SPSS.
  • Modeler program- You can build interpretative models in SPSS by using the advanced features.
  • Text analysis- The software helps in examining the survey reports and responses. It provides helpful insights and assists in evaluating the survey replies.
  • Visualization designer- SPSS helps you in making visuals that make the statistical analysis simpler. You can build charts and other descriptive and graphical visuals to evaluate and study data. Starting from descriptive analysis to bivariate analysis, you can do all kinds of visuals using SPSS.

It is not a basic tool for data analysis. SPSS is an advanced software that you can utilize to get powerful analytical and critical information about surveys and statistics. You can now analyze them to reach a conclusion. Professionals all over the world prefer using SPSS for accurate data and descriptive information for in-depth analysis.

Needless to say that if you are determined to learn SPSS you have definitely made a great decision. But you should learn from professionals so that you can start working proficiently with SPSS and commence your career.

Now the question is what are the best SPSS Courses available?

Top 6 SPSS Courses

Let us discuss the top 6 SPSS Courses that let you learn from experts and attain proficiency in SPSS.

Statistics Foundation Course – Udemy

Undoubtedly, Udemy is one of the best platforms for learning new skills. Udemy offers one of the most affordable SPSS Courses that costs only $12.99. The course has 32 hours of on-demand videos along with 12 informative articles. On the completion of the course, you would be awarded a certificate. This would enhance your portfolio and help you in progressing your career.

The course has 40 learning resources and you can access all the learning materials whenever you want for a lifetime once you pay for the course. You can access all the courses on any device you want like mobile or TV. Also, you would need to do assignments to evaluate your skills and know your level of expertise. These exercises are extremely useful for a better understanding of concepts and practices.

You would learn to evaluate any numerical data, design and map research, analyze any statistical data precisely, and interpret survey data. You will learn the skills from experts and can ask for assistance in case of any difficulty. Also, the course is suitable for a beginner and no previous knowledge is needed to grab the concepts. It starts with the very core concepts.

However, the course gives you expert level proficiency and you can be an expert if you learn the lesson carefully and attentively. Also, as you start playing with the features and tools you would become more fluent in working with SPSS. For Ph.D. students and scholars who want to learn SPSS, this course is a recommended one as well as suitable for beginners who want to step into this field.

Click here to enroll in this SPSS Course by Udemy.

Getting Started with SPSS – Openlearn

The 2nd position is occupied by Open learn, another top-rated site for the SPSS course. It is an ultimate time-saver course that teaches only for 3 hours and gives you a general idea about how to work with SPSS. It is favorable for beginners who are new in this sector and interested in using the basic analytical tools of SPSS.

The best part is you can get access to this particular course for free to learn the fundamentals of SPSS. It teaches you how to input data in SPSS, and analyze the statistical data easily. It also trains you to analyze the statistics to get a hypothesis.

The learning procedure is simple and easy. You would need to sign up and access all the course materials. You can also get some quizzes and tests to self-assess your progress and practice more. You also receive a certificate of participation to verify that you have completed the course.

The course is divided into 3 parts. Apart from the introduction and conclusion sections, it has the learning outcome section where you get to know about all the practical and real-life uses of SPSS. This part trains you about statistical data input and analysis. In conclusion, you would get a number of documents along with some t-test data files.

Beginners find this course useful as they get to master the core concepts of SPSS and start working with them. Thus, you can sign up for the course if you are a newcomer in this field.

Click here to enroll in this SPSS Course by Openlearn University.

Statistical Analysis – IBM

The best part about IBM courses is that it offers 126 different SPSS Courses. Yes, it sounds incredible but it actually helps you to learn each skill precisely and perfectly. Depending on your level of expertise and your purpose of learning SPSS, you can choose among these courses that suit you the best.

You will get all the introductory, intermediate, and advanced level SPSS Courses at IBM. The intermediate courses are the top-rated ones. Most people who are already working in this field like to sharpen their skills and learn more advanced usage. This is why they prefer to go for the intermediate level courses so that they can learn the advanced level skills.

Anyone having the basic knowledge about SPSS and statistical analysis can opt for the intermediate level course. Needless to say that people who want to start from the beginning must choose the introductory course. The courses are short and of a few hours depending on which level you are learning.

Click here to enroll in this SPSS Course by IBM.

SPSS Training – TheKnowledgeAcademy

The course fee is around $2000 and a detailed course on SPSS. The Knowledge Academy gives the option of both offline and online classes that are conducted by experts as well as self-paced learning opportunities. Step-by-step, you would learn using each feature and the process goes smoothly.

Both skilled and beginners can opt for this course as it starts with the core concepts. The offline classes are preferred in the Knowledge Academy as it provides Wifi, IT support, and air-conditioned classrooms for better learning. You can expect top-notch instructions and lessons on SPSS from this institution.

The course is of only days but you will learn all the necessary and pro skills by this time. You can seek support from your instructor and the team anytime you want. The course explores the various ways of statistical analysis and how to utilize them in practical procedures.

This is an ultimate time-saving and value-for-money course that would give you necessary lessons within the shortest time possible.

Click here to enroll in this SPSS Course by TheKnowledgeAcademy.

SPSS Training Course – Mindmajix

Another standard and quality SPSS course is by Mindmajix. It offers a flexible schedule encouraging self-paced learning. The site provides 24×7 support to the trainees in case they face any difficulty while learning. It is a 30 hours course conducted by an expert trainer who will take you through the course.

The site offers consultation facilities with an expert in case you require a customized course. This is an excellent short-term training that would give you detailed instructions about SPSS. Also, you would be required to work on two projects to test your skill and know your level of expertise.

It offers a bunch of learning materials along with examinations for assessment. On the completion of the course, you would get a certificate. If required, you can also get instructions on how to utilize SPSS in your job sector. This means, besides mastering SPSS, you also get a guideline for your career.

Click here to enroll in this SPSS Course.

SPSS Tutorials

The last site that you can choose is SPSS tutorials. If you visit the website, you would see what course materials it offers. The course is for free and the website has all the beginner-level tutorials on it.

You will notice the sections of data analysis, regression, ANOVA, and t-test and in each section, you would get related content that would help you to absorb the concept. The entire website talks about SPSS and you can get complete and accurate lessons on it.

Anyone who wants an introductory lesson and is comfortable in learning without a trainer can look into this website to start discovering the usage of SPSS.

Click here to learn from SPSS Tutorials.


Don’t forget to go through the websites of each site and check on the reviews before deciding on a suitable course for yourself. Also, go through the course outline. When you are done with these, start your journey of mastering SPSS.