Top 6 Sitecore Courses for Beginners [Latest 2021]

Learning Sitecore is a great choice on today’s date as it would broaden your career options and make you competent. Sitecore is software that accumulates CMS, commerce, and digital marketing tools to help you offer a smooth digital sphere. It simply makes the tasks easier as well as professional.

Digital marketers are increasingly choosing to learn Sitecore as it makes the tasks flawless, swift, and fast. You get multiple online marketing management tools to effectively organize the tasks. It has an excellent Content Management System and a Digital Marketing System to assist you in creating and operating useful marketing campaigns.

In the era of digital marketing, Sitecore is undoubtedly an essential software that can provide a seamless experience. Globally reputed companies are using this software and more companies are finding it useful. The Sitecore interface is customer-friendly and customizable. It also makes learning easier as you get to see all the features right in front of you without searching much.

For students and employees who want to make a career in digital marketing, especially in CMS, the Sitecore course can be a life-changing opportunity for you. It opens up multiple career aspects in front of you and employees already working in the field can learn Sitecore to do better and get promotions.

Considering the relevance and significance of Sitecore in the modern world, you must choose to learn from proficient and professional trainers. Many online platforms are now offering exclusive Sitecore courses that can train you efficiently and help you reach your goal.

Let us know about the top-rated Sitecore courses that you can choose.

Udemy Sitecore Course

Undoubtedly, Udemy offers the best quality courses to its customers. The Udemy Sitecore course is one of them that would make you skilled and proficient in Sitecore.

The course is available at only $11.99 and it provides a good range of learning materials. It has 11 sections and 46 lectures that include 4.5 hours of on-demand video and 2 articles that would clarify the usage and application of Sitecore.

You will get access to the course materials anytime you want after you purchase them. You can do the course on your mobile, PC, or TV as well.

The course also includes assignments to test your progress and skills. After completing the course, you would be awarded a certificate.

The course teaches Sitecore 9 focusing on content authoring and its applications. It also concentrates on teaching how to create and launch a page and how to use Sitecore to get innovative, productive, and unique outcomes.

The course will enlighten you about content authoring and you can become proficient in just a few weeks. You can also use the lesson for the development of an organization by sharing it with others. Needless to say that you would receive expert advice and exclusive tips from the trainers.

Thus any developer, marketer, or content author can opt for this Sitecore course to start writing the story of their career success.

Click here to enroll today.

Engagency Sitecore Course

Engagency is a reputed and well-known company that assists developers and marketers in using Sitecore. All the Sitecore development services are offered and you can see plenty of positive reviews about how they benefited companies.

You can now learn Sitecore from this site. Besides offering services it also conducts training programs that let you use Sitecore by yourself. It is suitable mostly for organizations that require Sitecore experts in their office. The expert team of Engagency would collectively train the employees to let them use it efficiently.

The best part is it would train you according to the organization’s requirements and goal. This means you can achieve better results as it would provide customized training. So it is clear that these courses are suitable for employees and organizations who are willing to use Sitecore for career development.

Individuals can also choose this course to become self-reliant in using Sitecore.

The Sitecore co-development and training program by Engagency starts at $35000 that would train the whole team in achieving self-sufficiency and meet organizational goals. It gives a minimum of 200 hours to the team in teaching architecture, development, CMS, DMS, and all the features.

Besides, you will receive on-call support from experts anytime you want. The training makes you an expert and makes you self-sufficient in working with Sitecore.

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Sagittarius Sitecore Course

The Sagittarius course is much more dedicated to training individuals according to their needs. It has separate courses for developers and marketers. Thus, the training would be on which field you are going to build your expertise.

You would learn from an expert and all the courses are tested. This means you can be assured about the quality of the course.

The developer course teaches the Sitecore commerce track, SXA track, and JSS track while the marketer course focuses on teaching the Sitecore Experience track. You would know the details about each topic and will gain expertise with these courses.

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YouTube Sitecore Training Tutorials

Here is another platform that has soared high in terms of providing top-notch free lessons on almost any topic. You can easily find a range of channels that would give you detailed lessons on Sitecore.

The video lessons are extremely helpful as they demonstrate each feature of Sitecore as well as brief you about the usage and implementation.

Also, these videos are free of cost. Thus, anyone who is just stepping into the world of Sitecore would find Youtube lessons useful and helpful.

In the description box, you can get a range of other learning materials from the channel owners that would sharpen your skills and knowledge.

Some of the channels that offer free Sitecore tutorials are-

  • Discover Sitecore
  • IgmGuru
  • Kagool
  • Munaga
  • Dylan Young
  • Our Sitecore journey
  • TechShare
  • Ray Business technologies
  • Site core CEP

These are the top YouTube channels that you may choose from to start learning Sitecore. Check on the online reviews and ratings before starting to select the best one.

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Mindmajix Sitecore Training

Here is another Sitecore course for you that trains you to provide proficiency and expertise in Sitecore. It offers 20 hours of training from an expert along with 20 hours of lab sessions to give you practical knowledge and skills about it.

24×7 support is also offered by Mindmajix to assist you anytime you need help. The timing for the training is flexible and you can learn whenever you are free.

Not only it provides training but also helps you to know about the job opportunities and assists you in getting a job. If you require any help regarding Sitecore in your job sector, Mindmajix would help you in that.

Another exclusive factor is that you need to complete projects to get the certificate. This means it would test your skills and proficiency before awarding a certificate. You can judge and estimate your expertise after completing the projects.

The course is available at $349 only and you can choose your own method of learning. You can either opt for self-paced learning or live online training sessions.

The objective of the course is to make you understand the core concepts of Sitecore and train you on how to play with the tools to achieve the goal. It makes you confident enough to experiment and innovate new features of Sitecore to give the best output.

Thus, if you want to enjoy a flexible learning mode and get training from the best-qualified trainers to enhance your efficiency and proficiency in Sitecore, you can go for this option.

Click here to enroll today.

Tekslate Sitecore Training

You can try a demo training before opting for this option from Tekslate’s official website. Tekslate is another option that can provide you with expert advice and professional training.

The course is for 30 hours and you have to participate in 2 projects to test your skills and expertise. The course not only gives you an overview and theoretical knowledge but also gives you practical tips to help you implement the skills.

This also offers self-paced learning as well as live training sessions providing a flexible time schedule. You can clear out your doubts and problems with your trainer and get assistance anytime you want.

You can get A to Z lessons about Sitecore that can help you in getting jobs and developing a career. All real-life Sitecore solutions are offered in this course so that you can know how to use them practically and professionally. Also, the assignments help you to know your expertise level so that you can improve.

Thus, individuals who are willing to learn Sitecore from a professional can join this program to get the best outcome.

Click here to enroll today.


These are the top Sitecore courses that can offer you the best training and lessons. You may choose any one of them depending on what you are expecting from the course.

Also, check out the websites to know and learn about the course outline and assess the learning materials. Compare the websites and choose the best one.

Now, start learning Sitecore to kickstart your career!

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