Top SCCM Courses for Beginners in 2021


SCCM stands for system center configuration manager. Powered by Microsoft, SCCM is a management solution that records a network’s inventory, helps in the installation of applications and regularly installs updates and security measures across the network. The security measures and updates are applied as patches throughout the system and SCCM uses Microsoft’s patching system to install updates. It also offers its users manage and control over the location and the number of patches and many other features which makes it perfect for large business networks.

Characteristics of SCCM

SCCM offers a large range of functions that creates flexibility over security patches. It enables you to generate system reports and gain control over all Windows machines in the network from a central system. SCCM also offers a comprehensive set of protection tools and acts as a complete lifecycle management system for those IT departments that have a high percentage of Windows systems.

SCCM can easily integrate with Windows systems because it is Microsoft software.  Over the years it has changed to adapt itself to devices that do not belong to the system but belong to the individual employees. These devices that are added to the network can be easily controlled by SCCM.

SSCM is quite easy to use because it has a simple graphic user interface. Its functions can be easily implemented and since it is a part of Microsoft, it has appropriate connections through Microsoft and other community channels.

Why Should You Have an SCCM competency?

SCCM is a comprehensive network security software. It protects all the devices connected to a particular network. The first line of defence created by SCCM includes new updates and applications. The second line of defence involves using patches in vulnerable areas so as to keep them safe. It also involves fixing bugs. It makes sure that your device is free of and protected from malware. Knowing how to use SCCM keeps your business network intact and your data safe. SCCM is a comprehensive software management, compliance and data management platform. When used by a dedicated manager, the tool can do wonders for your company.

SCCM allows you to set guidelines for SCEP or system centre endpoint protection. You can create policies to protect the devices in your network from threats due to malware. Microsoft offers its policies but also gives you the flexibility to design your own as per the unique requirements of your company. Policy customization can be used to automate certain tasks, set the malware scan times, the files or folders to be scanned and the plan of action to be executed when faced with a threat.

SCCM can be combined with the system center operations manager to keep track of several elements of the network system and the application infrastructure. Microsoft makes the monitoring process easier by automating a number of processes. SCCM can be used to monitor servers, the general status of the network, software updates and to collect software management data.

SCCM is crucially deployed to monitor distribution points. Distribution points are strategic nodal points in a system’s configuration manager setup with which software updates, app management and OS deployments happen. Since these points are crucial, it’s their security that matters the most. SCCM helps you to monitor and keep track of these distribution points to ensure that they are working properly and have enough space to function optimally. The SCCM package especially provides distribution point monitoring.

Top 5 online SCCM Courses

Here is a list of the best 5 SCCM courses available online that you can use to upskill yourself.

Let us discuss each of these courses in detail

Administering SCCM – Pluralsight

Pluralsight offers a highly accredited online certification course in managing and administering SCCM. If you want to manage your Windows devices at an organizational or an industrial level, then SCCM is the way to go. That is why it is essential to have knowledge of SCCM. This SCCM Course lasts approximately 5 hours and its difficulty level is intermediate.

It will provide you with a strong foundation for the core concepts of the system center configuration manager to administer its latest versions. Device management throughout their life cycle is an essential component of every organization and SCCM makes this task a lot simpler. It is however daunting to administer this platform. The course is designed to familiarize you with all its aspects so that administering it becomes a cakewalk.

In the initial parts of this SCCM Course, you will learn how to configure manager site roles and how to install Windows 10 into a new system. Then you will learn how to manage the security of the configuration manager and how to access role-based control. Towards the end, you will learn how to install and manage Windows updates.

For more information regarding the course click here.

Microsoft SCCM Training – Udemy

The SCCM course at Udemy includes a 10 hours duration of interactive lectures. It also offers 3 downloadable resources, lifetime access, seamless access across various devices, assignments for practice and certification of course completion. The course is designed in such a way that there are no set prerequisites required as such, a basic knowledge of computers is enough.

By the end of the SCCM Course, you will be able to install the prerequisites for SCCM and the SCCM manager with ease. You will get a complete overview of SCCM, an introduction to the SCCM firewalls, steps to deploy the SCCM site server, methods to discover resources from the active directory, software deployment through applications, patch deployment and software updates. You will also get study and practice materials to clear the SCCM certification exam.

To know more about this course click here

SCCM Training – Mindmajix

This online SCCM Course is designed to make the learners proficient in administering the SCCM. You will be acquainted with the fundamental concepts of the configuration manager roles, introduced to the console, change the network firewall settings and install the SQL database server. For a more hands-on learning experience, there will be 2 projects that learners would be required to work on. Here, students will configure boundaries, accept client requests and configure the hardware and software inventory. There will be an expert instructor to guide you through the whole process. By the end of this course, you will learn how to manage mobile devices, implement methods of endpoint security and review the configuration manager site.

The key features of this course include 20 hours worth of instructor-led, on-demand video lectures, lab sessions, flexible learning schedule, job assistance and a certificate of completion. You also have the option to pay for this course in installments and lifetime access to the lectures whenever you require them.

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SCCM Training Tutorials – Lynda

In this SCCM Course, you will master the Microsoft system server configuration manager. The course will begin with the basics and move towards the advanced tasks and end with preparation for the SCCM certification as well as some practical projects and assignments to practice your skills on. These online video lectures are conducted by experts in the industry and are bound to make you comfortable with managing the system server network of your company. The learners have unlimited access to courses from the platform library where they can pick and choose the instructor and the course as per their specifications.

You will be taught how to manage networks of operating systems. You will learn how to operate the console, how to deploy security patches, implement network access protection, configure hardware and software inventory and implementation of the operating system. The instructor will highlight the latest features of the SCCM platform, instruct you on the prerequisites required for its installation and how to create boundaries to implement the guidelines.

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Microsoft System Center Training – Theknowledgeacademy 

This SCCM Course is accredited by Microsoft and is thus one of the best courses available in the market. The key features of this course include an online instructor-led tutorial spread out over a span of 3 days. In addition to this, there are classroom-based tutorials that are also spread out over 3 days. Finally, there is a flexible, self-paced learning option that takes around 24 hours to complete.

The SCCM Course will begin with familiarizing the learners with the need for SCCM. Students will learn how to extend the configuration management infrastructure to support mobile devices and the various challenges associated with them. They will learn how to manage a distributed workforce, integrate the configuration manager with the cloud and internet management solutions, and all about the PKI requirements to support the internet.

Detailed knowledge of the various components of the latest version of SCCM and how they are placed within the software will be provided which would help in the proper management and administration of the IT sector of your business. You would also learn how to manage and upgrade the system whenever required.

The SCCM Course includes a book, assignments and a certificate of completion.

Click here if you want to further upgrade your skills.

Final Thoughts

This was a comparative study of the best SCCM courses available in the market for you to diversify your skillset. It will definitely help you in selecting the right course that fits all your requirements.

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