15 Best PowerApps Interview Questions

If you’re looking for some PowerApps interview questions, then this article is just what you need. We will go over the most common types of questions that can be asked in an interview.

1. What is a PowerApp?

Ans. A PowerApp is basically a platform where power users can create power apps that help non-technical people make their own business or power apps. It lets power users create powerapps by using powerapps flowchart, powerapps buttons, powerapps textbox, etc.

A power app helps non-technical people make their own business applications without having to write any code or know how to develop it.

2. Why is the Patch function used in canvas apps?

Ans. A power apps canvas app lets users make their own powerapps. In powerapps, power users can select from a list of functions and choose the ones they wish to use.

The powerapps patch function is used when there are many conditions in one powerapp and if they all have to be satisfied the user has to go over all these powerapps and then use powerapps patch.

The powerapps patch function basically lets the user combine multiple powerapps into one powerapp by using an if-then statement.

3. What are Power Tools?

Ans. The power tools are the collection of functions that are used when designing power apps. An example power tool is the powerapps patch function, powerapps buttons etc.

4. What are Data Sources?

Ans. A data source in powerApps is the powerapps dataset which is used to perform CRUD operations.

The data source can be connected to powerApps through Data Connection Library and we can also connect the data source with other data sources like CSV, Microsoft Graph, etc.

5. What are Actions?

Ans. A powerapp action is a link between powerapps and an external system. For example: we can create a powerapp that reads data from an excel file and loads it into powerapps list. This powerapp will have one action, which read data from excel file.

6. State the difference between a Model-driven app and a Canvas app?

Ans. A powerapps model driven app is a data-centric app that uses powerapps features to create lists and information cards. These items then connect together to create a workflow, flow, or dashboard. A powerapps canvas app is a user interface (UI) based application that focuses on the look and feel of the app. Canvas apps don’t use powerapps features to model data and allow users to interact with the layout and design of the app.

7. List two different types of form factors powerapps supports.

Ans. A powerapps app can run as a Form (browser-based), Native (full power of Windows 10) or Windows 10 Universal App. As a developer, you don’t have to worry about power of different devices your powerapps app can run on. Microsoft powerapps will help you build apps that are device-specific, performant, and have a great user experience on any device.

8. List two different powerapps forms of authentication.

Ans. Powerapps supports Two types of Authentication:

  1. OAuth based authentication- powerapps uses oauth to authenticate the app that is requesting access from powerapps service, users are not required to remember password of powerapp or Office 365 account credential. Powerapps handles all the authentication and authorization.
  2. Password based authentication – Powerapps also supports user name and password based authentication, the powerapps developer can choose which type of authentication to use for powerapps forms. This is configured as part of powerapps properties (Form > Security Type).

9. How to Navigate through PowerApps screens?

Ans. The powerapps screen navigation is not like the traditional PowerPoint or word. The powerapps screens move with the cursor. So, it does not have a start and end menu area. It has only a page name area at the top of powerapps application that displays the page name in each tab when you create powerapps app.

10. What is the difference between a powerapps variable and a powerapp field?

Ans. A powerapps variable is an identification tag for a specific data type, such as request or response. A powerapp field is where that data type is stored within the powerapp itself.

11. How do powerapps workflows differ from powerapps pages?

Ans. Page is visible to all users. A workflow is visible only to the user who created it or shared with others. A powerapp page can be seen inside the power app, whereas an action on a powerapp workflow cannot be seen inside power app.

12. When should you use Canvas App and Customized forms?

Ans. Canvas App is best suited for apps that power users can build on their own, where you want to focus on the data, not the UI. Examples include dashboards and reports. Customized Forms are used when you need power users to build out forms by themselves without writing code. For example, an HR manager who has to submit time-off requests that power users should be able to complete without a developer.

13. What are datatypes in PowerApps?

Ans. Datatypes are basically the types of values that powerapp has. The powerapps datatypes form when you create your app using powerapps studio, especially when creating a data source. Datatypes in powerapps are either supported by powerapps or custom datatypes.

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