Best Palo Alto Training Courses to Enrol in 2021

IT experts and people working on digital platforms, have you heard of Palo Alto? If yes, then we suppose you already know how important it is in the cyber-sphere. And in case you have encountered this term for the first time and are working on the cyber-world, you should learn about it.

With the development of the digital world, cyber threats and privacy invasion are becoming major problems. Maintaining cybersecurity is difficult in today’s world as new technologies have developed to invade the cyberspaces of others. However, the risk can be reduced considerably if you know how to use Palo Alto.

Palo Alto is a global cybersecurity company that gives a network to protect your online activities from cyberattacks. The threat detection and firewall protection procedures are automated that guards your network and cloud. The best part is, it doesn’t only identify the known threats but also is able to detect the unknown dangers providing top-notch cyber protection.

Why should you consider learning Palo Alto?

Why in the first place do you need to learn Palo Alto? Yes, this a genuine question, and here are the answers. In fact, there are a lot of reasons why you should know the applications of Palo Alto.

  • Learning a new skill is always cool, right? The fun fact is this skill is truly significant in our regular cyber activities but is pretty simple to master. So, the first point is, learn a new skill easily and enjoy the benefit by securing your network.
  • Learning Palo Alto increases your competency. The company is growing larger and the popularity of this firewall is increasing. Thus, if you learn it now, you are putting yourself ahead of others. You never know when this skill would become a turning point in your career!
  • Palo Alto works with both small and large networks. Apart from using it for personal network security, it is also crucial in securing the official networks to maintain a safe cybersphere. It works on all types and sizes of networks.
  • Palo Alto efficiently works on detecting the unknown threats that can harm a network or cloud. The process is automated and it does a thorough checkup into the attacker’s lifecycle to prevent it from invading your system.
  • Palo Alto is best known for its ease of use and flexibility. It would selectively block the features of a network that may harm your system despite blocking the whole network. Also, surprisingly, this advanced tool is super easy to use. Once you master it, you can enjoy the benefits and use the cyber world securely.

Therefore, learning Palo Alto can be extremely useful for your personal and professional network security which is undoubtedly a necessary skill as cyber threats are increasing.

5 Leading Palo Alto Courses

Yes, you must learn Palo Alto from reliable and trusted sources to make the best use of it. So, let us know about the 5 leading Palo Alto courses that you can choose from.

Pluralsight – Deploying, Administering, and Securing Palo Alto Firewalls

This is a site that offers 10 days free trial and offers 4 Palo Alto courses– 2 beginner level and 2 intermediate level courses. The courses are highly recommended for both professionals and newcomers. It teaches to use the Palo Alto firewall, set it up in a system, create and apply protective measures, and utilize them to protect a network.

You will learn the lessons from a professional network engineer who would take you through the steps starting from why to use Palo Alto to how to utilize it properly. The course materials contain videos of 2 hours 30 minutes that would tell you about every detail of Palo Alto.

You would learn to configure, install the firewall, using it through 3 layer mode, work on Palo Alto traffic, and how secure your system. This particular course is recommended for beginners who want network protection using Palo Alto. Visit the website to check out the course overview.

Click here to enrol today.

Coursera – Palo Alto Networks – Network Security Fundamentals

Undeniably a top-rated learning platform is Coursera that offers Palo Alto courses to help it deploy it effectively. You can go slow with it as it offers a flexible schedule to its trainees. You may require 5 months to complete the course and master using Palo Alto.

It is a beginner-level course that would be conducted online and you would get an online certificate after completing the course. The amazing part is, you can access the course for free and learn from an expert. Also, it shows subtitles in 9 different languages.

The tutorials would teach you how to detect network vulnerabilities and threats and use Palo Alto to secure the network from attacks. Besides that, you would require to work on projects to examine your skills and practice. You will learn practical lessons that are applicable to networks.

The Palo Alto Course materials include a number of reading resources and videos. It also provides quizzes and assignments for regular practice and mastering each skill properly. You can also earn a PCCSA certificate if you go through the 5-course track and start working as a professional. So, yes, you can definitely opt for this option for quality and swift learning.

Click here to enrol today.

Udemy – Mastering Palo Alto Networks

Here comes another trusted site for learning, Udemy. Udemy offers a Palo Alto course at only $124.99 that would take you through the whole of Palo Alto. The course provides 9 hours of on-demand videos that you can access for a lifetime whenever you want once you purchase the course.

It can be accessed on mobile as well as TV. You will be awarded a certificate if you successfully complete the course. However, you may need some basic ideas on network topics to pick up the concepts quickly. You would learn all the applications and uses of Palo Alto with this course. In other words, you can become an expert if you attentively go through this particular course by Udemy.

Configuring Palo Alto, understanding the usage of each feature, and deploying them in the right place is thoroughly taught in this course so that you can use them in real life. This is an excellent option to master A to Z about Palo Alto.

Click here to enrol today.

Mindmajix – Palo Alto Training

The outline of this Palo Alto Course is similar to Pluralsight focusing on configuration, administration, layer 3 mode, and deploying Palo Alto. The learning schedule is flexible and the site provides 24×7 support to the trainees in case you face any trouble.

This Palo Alto Course contains 25 hours of lessons by an instructor and 20 hours of lab sessions to make you a pro in Palo Alto. The course would award you a certificate at the end of the course. Besides, you would receive job assistance and consultations from an expert if you ask for it.

You would require to complete some hands-on projects to earn a certificate and test yourself. The site gives the options of self-paced learning, live online classes, as well as corporate training for businesses. Thus, to master the advanced usages and application of Palo Alto, you can definitely go for this option.

Click here to enrol today.

ii Security – Palo Alto Networks Training

This Palo Alto Course is by the Institute of Information security that provides 13 learning modules. You would require to go slow as it would elaborate each concept carefully in each module.

The modules contain configuration, routing, App-ID, Content-ID, decryption, site-to-site VPN, management and administration, deployment, and lessons on how Palo Alto provides global network protection. It is a descriptive and elaborated course that follows no shortcuts. It starts from the core and ends at the advanced level of PALO Alto.

Starting from deploying the firewall to troubleshoot problems with the help of Palo Alto, all lessons are given through this particular course. You would eventually learn all the skills you need to proficiently use Palo Alto.

The Palo Alto Course suits the best for people who are interested in learning Palo Alto, working on network administrations, and seeking a PCNSE certificate. Undoubtedly, this is an excellent option to choose from as the site only works with data and network security. It is a site that explores various aspects of cybersecurity and offers useful and helpful training programs related to the field. Thus, you get to learn from experts and professionals working in this field.

Click here to enrol today.


These are the top 5 Palo Alto courses that are available. Each one of them is high-rated and recommended. The reviews are quite good and the trainees have benefited via these courses.

You can check out the course outlines by visiting the websites. Also, compare the courses to get the best one for yourself. Not only that, but you must also look into the course outline to know which course matches your requirements. Your aim of learning Palo Alto must match with the course so that you can implement the knowledge in real life.

As cybersecurity has become a concern in modern times, it is highly advised to IT experts and digital platform employees to master Palo Alto in order to secure the network. Thus, find the best course now and start mastering Palo Alto today!

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