Best Oracle DBA Courses to Enroll in 2021

One of the most crucial works of any business is database management. The task of managing the database is done by a professional DBA. The DBA is typically a trained database administrator who is equipped with the knowledge of database management systems (DBMS). The main duty of a DBA is to apply DBMS and data analytics techniques to maintain the organization’s database. In general terms, a database administrator (DBA) is the person that is responsible for keeping the data of the organization in an organized manner.

A new trend of Oracle DBA cloud has emerged in the past years but really gained momentum in the year of the pandemic. Although the business never preferred to have a DBA working remotely, this year made them accept that as well. Oracle DBA cloud emerged out to be on the top for managing the DBMS of the organization.

You would be astonished to know the demand for a DBA in business. Most businesses need to have a skilled DBA in order to manage their data efficiently and effectively. If you are really looking for a source of income, invest in one of the following Oracle DBA courses in order to land a well-paying job as a DBA. The following courses are recognized by the industry all around.

1. Udemy

Udemy has clearly laid down the value it promotes, i.e. to give the best services to you so that you can land an Oracle DBA job. This company understands the importance of having a job in the field that you have invested money in. They have created a fine balance of theoretical and practical aspects of Oracle DBA that depicts that they are the industry experts as well.

There is a step-by-step guide that is given to you for setting your weekly goals. Right from installing the oracle DBA program to every other function that oracle requires; Udemy teaches you everything. The best part is that you are allowed to create an account on their platform thus you can visit your study material anytime anywhere. Plus when you complete a course from Udemy, you have lifetime access to that course. If you are stuck anywhere, you will always have the guidance of this brilliant service provider.

For understanding more details and exploring the field of DBA, enroll here.

2. Lynda

This LinkedIn-associated company is probably one of the most popular course providers in the market because of its marketing on its own platform. Although the aspect of marketing is not everything to praise about this service provider. The quality of its courses also deserves a lot of praise.

This course provider actually has numerous short-term courses that are integrated into the umbrella of Oracle DBA courses. The aim of this company is to familiarise you with every intricate detail related to DBMS. The huge range of 14 courses bifurcated into 550 DBA learning classes makes this company one of the best service providers in the market. If you want to have extensive theoretical learning, there can be no better choice than this.

For starting with your Oracle DBA journey, enroll here.

3. Intellipaat

This Youtube channel explains everything complex in the simplest of ways. The Oracle DBA course videos that are uploaded on the channel have got everything right from the basics to advanced learning. The main aim of this course is to equip you with the knowledge of oracle DBMS in one go.

Although the tutorial that is given below is an 8-hour long video, the beneficial part is that you can start and pause the video as you like. This will help you to learn at your own pace and speed.

To visit this basic video and understand more about the course, enroll here.

4. Pluralsight

Pluralsight, Inc. is an American online education company that offers a variety of educational videos that are popular all across the world. They offer video training courses for people from every field and background. They are actually a publicly-traded company that offers courses all across the world helping professionals upgrade their skills.

One of the most popular courses that this huge company offers is in the field of DBMS. If you want to have an insight into the industry of DBMS then this is the one for you. Pluralsight hires Oracle DBA experts from all around the world who are a part of the industry. The value that his company promotes is that the learners should be acquainted more with the reality of the industry that’s why it puts more emphasis on the case-based learning

If you want to connect with the industry experts for your online DBA course, this is the best option for you. Enroll here.

5. Oracle Tutorial

As the name suggests Oracle Tutorial is specially designed to focus on the Oracle DBMS. The rationale behind restricting themselves to just one type of DBMS teaching is because they have highly-specialized tutors who have worked on oracle DBA for years. What they rely on is the huge experience of their tutors. Another reason for that is, oracle is the most popular DBMS in the industry and most businesses look for trained professionals in this specific software.

Oracle Tutorial designs its courses in such a manner that anyone, literally anybody can start their database management journey. They believe in teaching from scratch so that people with no technological background can also learn this beautiful software. They have advanced stages teaching patterns wherein they start with the basics of the Oracle DBA and then go on teaching the more advanced stages. Also, if you are already familiar with the basics of Oracle then you can always use their services to know more about the latest development in this field.

In order to know more and become a part of this journey, enroll here.

6. Oracle database learning

Oracle database project management youtube page contains everything that is there to be known about the Oracle DBM. It has got tutorials, videos, interviews, case studies, projects, assignments, jobs, salary details, and much more. It is a complete guide of oracle DBMS and it is the most wholesome Oracle DBA course.

The main focus of their videos is to upload the videos of the industry experts that have been a part of DBMS for decades. This channel is the best medium to learn in an easygoing manner. Youtube-based learning has gained a lot of popularity in recent times because of the growing need for online education.

For more details, enroll here.


Any industry requires experts that are highly trained and professional in their work. The school or for that fact even our college education doesn’t really train us to be a part of the industry. If you want to really want to possess the skills that will train you for the industry then you need to choose courses that are going to provide you with practical values and knowledge. The theory is good enough to understand the basics of any function but true knowledge comes with practical learning.

Database management is one of the most pragmatic fields in the industry. All of the work that is done to have an efficient DBMS requires you to possess practical skills. A DBA needs to apply data analytics skills as well as data security skills. These two things seem completely paradoxes but in actuality, the DBA needs to possess both of these in order to be an effective DBA.

Any course that you choose from the above list needs to be the one that suits your needs and to some extent your budget. It is always preferable to have courses from reputed companies like above that have created a fine blend of practical and theoretical Oracle DBA courses that will prove to be the best chance of you landing a good job in the DBMS industry. Don’t think of these courses as a cost but rather think about them as an investment in your future. The more skills you possess more will be your chances of better rewarding jobs.

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