How to fix “NPM Command Not Found” Error

What is Node Package Manager (NPM)?

NPM is the package manager for Node.js, which makes it possible to install or update packages of code in your application’s dependency tree by running one command. NPM has a huge repository with over 300k libraries available and thousands more being added every day. It also takes care of downloading any dependencies those libraries might need so you don’t have to do that manually when installing them in your own project as well!

What is NPM used for?

Npm is used to install packages, publish them and generate node_modules folders that contain all of your dependencies. NPM also adds a variety of amazing features like dependency management and automated software updates for developers who use it! These are just some of the many reasons why you should start using npm today!

Now, we will get into the details about the NPM command not found error:

Npm is a package manager for JavaScript applications. This command allows you to install packages, publish them, and even generates the node_modules folder that contains all of your dependencies. Unfortunately, this command can be tricky to use and may give you an error message that says npm not found. In this blog post, we will go over how to fix these issues and get back on track with using npm!

What is a command not found error in NPM?

The npm not found error is a common problem for anyone who has tried installing packages and gets this message. You may see something like “npm ERR! command ‘node’ failed with code ‘no such file or directory’ when trying to install an NPM package from the terminal. This issue can be caused by many different things, but there are ways of fixing it so you can solve these problems quickly and get back to using npm in no time!

How does one fix the Command Not Found Error?

To fix the Command not found error we recommend that you try reinstalling NodeJS first. If you do have node-gyp installed on your computer, make sure that the Windows CMD Path variable points to where node-gyp is located on your computer. If you are using a Mac, make sure that the NodeJS installation package points to where node-gyp is in its CMD Path variable.

Other solutions include running npm cache clean and retrying installing a package or even deleting all of the .npm folder’s contents if it does not work!

If this still doesn’t fix the issue, then try reinstalling NPM by manually downloading the installer from here: //, opening the command prompt as Administrator, and typing “npm install -g npm” (without quotes)

Why does Command Not Found Error happen?

The most possible reason for this error message is that the Windows environment variables do not point to the right path of NodeJS installation. This can be because node-gyp doesn’t have a CMD Path variable in it and/or there’s no default user PATH variable pointing to the interactive mode on MacOS or Linux.


In this post we have gone over what the npm command is used for, why getting an error message that says “npm not found” can happen and how to fix it. Hopefully, these solutions will help you in your struggles with installing packages from NPM!

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