6 Best MS Project Courses for Project Management

Microsoft Project is a team management software developed by Microsoft inc. This software is developed with the sole purpose of facilitating ease of working on a project which involves multiple people.

It becomes difficult to coordinate when working with the team if you don’t have proper channels and mechanisms. This is where the Microsoft project comes into play. It is a tool, channel, mechanism, and facilitator. All combined in one state-of-the-art team working software.

But to use this software for your business or your professional work. You need to have the right set of knowledge combined with good technical skills. You cannot just work on the Microsoft project after watching a 13-minute video on YouTube!

The businesses usually tie up with companies to provide training for their personnel to enable them to use Microsoft Project. Apart from that recruiters give higher preference to people who already own the knowledge regarding the MS project.

To learn how to use Microsoft Project, complete one of these MS Project courses. These courses will guide you to become efficient in MS Project.

1. Microsoft Project ALL: BEGINNER to EXPERT 10 Projects 9 PDU

Offered by Udemy, this MS project course is hands on the best course that is there in the market. With an impressive fleet of 50K+ students, this course gives you all. As the name suggests this course will teach you everything, right from the concept of MS project to the toughest of problems that the PMs (project managers) face.

The reason why people choose this course is that this course is tailor-made as per the needs of the industry. It teaches you by giving you practical problems to solve so that you can know what goes on in the industry. The value depicted by Udemy is simple, they want to teach their students everything so that they are at their prime from day one.

The course structure is simple. It begins with teaching the concept of the MS project, why it is important to employ this mechanism in an organization, and so on. It concludes with teaching the concept of the closure of any project. This course teaches installation, Planning, execution, and monitoring of the MS project as well.

This course has been the no.1 bestseller in the market for continuously 3 years. This MS project course has gained a lot of popularity among the new project managers and those who are looking for an upgrade in their existing project management skills.

Subscribe to this bestseller by Udemy, enroll here.

2. Microsoft project 2019 and Project online desktop essential

Offered by one of the biggest players in the market, linked learning’s MS project course is headed by Bonnie Biafore. She has got years of experience in the field of project management and has written several wonderful works in this field.

This course teaches all the aspects of the MS project 2019 desktop, as well as teach the concepts & principles of project management as well. This course teaches some principles about project management because they believe in creating a solid foundation of project management among their students.

This course starts with the tutorial on how to set up an MS project and other mandatory components of an MS project. Then it goes on to teach how to link projects, assign tasks and other intermediate level functions of MS projects. The last phase of the tutorial teaches students how to work on analyzing the resources available and how to allocate them in an optimum manner to achieve the goal. The concluding tutorial teaches the students how to generate reports through MS projects and how to share them.

Become a part of this complete package of MS project, enroll here.

3. Microsoft Project Fundamentals

Go skills is a very recent addition in the segment of online education service providers. The MS project course offered by go skills is taught by multiple instructors who are specialized in their niche of project management. The idea behind this course is to familiarise the learners with the basics of the MS project.

As the name suggests, this course teaches students the fundamentals of MS project that includes explaining the concept of project management and how it is done using MS project. This MS project course is developed by keeping in the mind the needs of project managers as well as team members. Apart from teaching new PMs this course will also help those who want to revise their MS project basics as well. This is a course that is suitable for those who are already a part of any organization or those who want to learn the skills of MS project management from scratch.

There is no pre-requirement as such for being a part of this course. It is a beginner-level course that is beneficial for all categories of professionals. Be it students, teachers, or professionals.

Become a part of this new addition in this market, enroll here.

4. A Comprehensive Introduction to Microsoft Project 2019

Although this Pluralsight’s MS project course name might suggest that it is just an introductory beginner-level course to get your fundamentals right for MS projects, it is actually a complete guide for MS projects. This course will teach you the basics of MS projects, it will also teach you how to create links, manage resources, allocate tasks, and everything else that is there to learn regarding MS projects.

This course is headed by Ben Howard who has been part of many prestigious organizations and has worked in the field of project management for 30 years. The experience of Ben is reflected in this course offered by Pluralsight. He teaches the students by telling them about real-life case studies and problems that arise in the industry and how to solve these cases.

This course puts heavy emphasis on developing the fundamentals of the students. The introductory part of this course explains the concept of MS project management and how to install it. The course’s tutorials will also include the benefits of using MS project for your project management. Apart from that it also teaches students about how to create reports using MS project.

Become a part of Pluralsight’s MS project course, enroll here.

5. MS project a deeper dive

One of the reasons why Coursera is so successful in the market is because it offers a lot of free courses to its subscribers. The strategy is simple, make people aware of the quality of the content that you give so that they will come back for more. Coursera is probably the biggest online education service provider in the world.
The MS project course offered by Coursera is also one of its free offerings to the students. With almost 21K+ students subscribing to this course, it is the best seller in the category of construction project management courses offered by Coursera.
This course is developed to teach the students advanced concepts of the MS project. It starts with scheduling and task linking techniques. Then it moves on to network diagrams and graphical charts features of the MS project.

If you are a project manager looking to upgrade your skills this MS project course is for you, enroll here

6. Free Microsoft Project® Training

This is a free course offered by the master of project academy. This course deals with introductory aspects of MS projects which are suitable for the students who are starting their project management journey. In this course, the students will be able to learn about how to acquire an MS project and how to start a project on it. It will also teach you how to identify what tasks are required to be performed and how to allocate these tasks to the team members.

This course contains tutorials that teach theory and practical aspects of each topic, which is complemented with quizzes and exercises in the end. Apart from new beginners, this course is also suitable for teachers, professionals, and engineers who want to brush up on their project management skills. And the best part is that you get lifetime access to the course’s resources.

Become a part of the Master of project academy, enroll here.


Project management is a field that requires a perfect balance of knowledge, management skills, and quick decision-making. We may think that we can just install the software and get started by ourselves, but that’s not how things work. MS project is one of the most advanced and popular software in the world that can complete the task of project management with utmost efficiency.

When it comes to advanced software like MS projects, it is a must that you choose one of the MS project courses that are mentioned above to upgrade your skills. Not only these courses will teach you how to do the task but they will also teach you how to identify resources that will enable you to complete the project in an optimum manner. Plus it is always beneficial for your organization and your team that you are acquainted with all the relevant skills that are needed to carry out the project’s operation.

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