Top 5 Matlab Courses with Certification – 2021

MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) is one of the most convenient and lenient computer programming platforms that are designed for engineers and scientists. The matrix-based language MATLAB is used in this software and it is used for data analysis, problem-solving, visualization, computation, and programming. This is an advanced software that can be only used by specialists who are interested or involved in this sector.

Most reputed companies use MATLAB due to the ease of usage and convenience. Learning MATLAB can be a difficult task if you aren’t from a similar background. However, a proficient trainer can coach you professionally and teach you A to Z about MATLAB. People who are involved with science, mathematics, engineering, computer programming, or data-related works can easily learn MATLAB and increase their efficiency.

You can open up new job opportunities in various industries if you know the usage and applications of MATLAB. And, now you don’t need to gain proficiency in MATLAB anytime you want by opting for the MATLAB courses available online and offline. According to your schedule and convenience, you may choose any course and start learning MATLAB to sharpen your skill.

Let us look into the top-rated MATLAB courses that are best for skill development and gaining adequate knowledge.

MATLAB courses offered by Mathworks are popular worldwide and now offering the best MATLAB course. Interestingly, the MATLAB course by Mathworks is free of cost. This site offers both MATLAB and Simulink training that can make you an expert in this field.

This is a 2-hour course that provides a detailed introduction to the fundamentals of MATLAB and teaches the usage and implementation of the important tools. The site would give you access to MATLAB where you can do the practical tasks.

MATLAB course by Mathworks follows 14 steps to teach the basics of MATLAB. Let us look into these steps.

  • Introduction to MATLAB and know the basics.
  • Learn commands in MATLAB to calculate and make variables.
  • Get your own MATLAB on the desktop to start working.
  • Learn vectors and matrices in MATLAB.
  • Master indexing to collect and modify the various elements of the MATLAB array.
  • Next, you would know about MATLAB array calculations.
  • Now it teaches the calling functions to get the outputs.
  • Here you have to find out about MATLAB features.
  • Next, you will be taught about data plotting.
  • Now you would point out the difficulties and problems.
  • Then you will know about importing data into MATLAB.
  • Now you have to know and learn about the logical expressions to work more professionally with MATLAB arrays.
  • Here you would about programming.
  • At the last, you will assess all that you have learned by compiling all your knowledge to work on the final project.

Each step contains very short lessons and you can effortlessly go through them anytime you want. If you want to get certified, you have to register separately to appear on an examination. The official site of Mathworks has a number of sample questions that you can solve to prepare for the examination. You will also get to download a PDF to get the questions and answers.

To know more and enroll in this course, click here.

Learning MATLAB – LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn provides a detailed course on MATLAB that would teach you the basics and some advanced usages of the software. A free month is offered by this site and you can easily cover the course in a month if you take the lessons regularly and attentively.

The MATLAB course by LinkedIn learning comprises 7 steps and each step has videos that would take you through the course. The flexible timing and self-paced learning give you the opportunity to learn from your comfort zone.

Let us learn about the 7 steps that would make you ready to work with MATLAB.

  • The introduction briefs you about MATLAB, its uses, and how this particular course is going to go.
  • In the 2nd step, you would discover the basic concepts and tools of MATLAB that are used like MATLAB arrays, variables, etc.
  • Then comes the lessons for which MATLAB is widely used. The core syntax is taught in this step.
  • Now you would learn about MATLAB programming.
  • In the 5th step, you would learn about data collection and representation.
  • This course also instructs about the Simulink model and this helps to increase your expertise.
  • Here the course concludes with a summary.

Linkedin learning offers the course materials offline and you can learn the lesson on the go. You can also find exercise files on the site where you can practice and assess your knowledge and skills of MATLAB.

To know more, click here.

MATLAB and Octave for Beginners – Edx

This is a MATLAB and octave course and one of the most preferred and standard MATLAB courses available worldwide. The course is for free but if you want to collect a certificate you have to pay $139. The EPFLx institution runs this particular course.

It is a self-paced course and investing 5-6 hours a week will suffice to complete the course in the shortest time successfully. It would take only a month to finish the course if you hold on to the pace. You will get videos and course materials to learn and complete this course.

Both MATLAB and octave are taught in this course that can be used for programming, mathematical uses, and matrix visualization. All the interesting and useful tools are analyzed and taught throughout the course to make the trainees proficient and able to use them effectively.

The website mentions 5 main factors that you will learn and know at the end of the course. Let us explore the 5 factors.

  • To create functions and scripts with the help of MATLAB and octave.
  • To launch programs that are interactive and purposeful.
  • To create and handle data files using the software.
  • To know and implement tools of vectors and matrices
  • To create graphical representations and plots and export them in formats like PDF, JPEG, etc.

The trainer is experienced and the course materials are of excellent quality and this can be useful and fruitful for learners who want to learn the basics in the shortest time possible.

For further details, click here.

Matlab Programmer in 30 days – Udemy

The 30-days MATLAB course by Udemy is another excellent opportunity for people seeking a high-quality course to become a professional. This course is paid and would charge $129.99 to provide you with the training. The course has covered a wide range of materials and tools of MATLAB that can make you a pro in just 30 days.

The course offers a variety of learning materials. Along with the 13.5 hours of on-demand videos, it has 10 resources (can be downloaded), 6 articles, and lifetime access to all these materials. You can take the lessons from any device you prefer and no prior experiences are needed to enroll in this course. After successfully completing the course, you would be awarded a certificate.

It is a detailed course and explores a lot of branches of MATLAB. It not only teaches about vectors and matrices but also shows how these are used in industries. Uses of mathematics and engineering knowledge via MATLAB is also taught. Graphing and plotting are explained too.

Apart from the theoretical and practical lessons provided, the Udemy MATLAB course also shares special tricks and tips to effectively use MATLAB in the company and create striking programs, reports, and matrices. This is a great opportunity for people looking for advanced and professional courses to develop their expertise.

For further details, click here.

Coursera MATLAB courses are undoubtedly reliable to get professional knowledge and experience about this software. It claims that the customers have either started their career or got career benefits after completing this MATLAB course.

It is only a 4 weeks course and is available for free. The course is extremely well-organized and you can effortlessly go through this course to learn the fundamentals of MATLAB and its implementations. After the completion of the 1st-week course, you will have to solve quizzes from the second week, read course materials, and become more active to acknowledge your progress. A certificate is provided at the end of the course.

The instructor will also assign works to you and provide you with feedback on your answers. The process is interactive and you will eventually learn the mistakes and start problem-solving. The instructors are professionals from the field who would teach with care and expertise.

Let us know the 4 learning outcomes that you may expect with the completion of the course.

  • Learn about computer programming, variables, structures, and functions of MATLAB.
  • Learn about data processing and using them in MATLAB.
  • Learn about importing and exporting files.
  • Learn about vectors and matrices, and their usages in MATLAB.

For more details, click here.


You have the top 5 MATLAB courses available that are only a click away. All these are online courses with a bulk of learning materials that can guide and teach you about MATLAB. MATLAB learning can open up new career options and make you more competent in the modern world.

What are you waiting for? Choose among the leading MATLAB courses now!

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