Best LabVIEW Courses to Enroll in 2021

Researchers, scientists, and students who are working with programming or planning to enter this field must learn the software to make activities easier and more manageable. Your research tasks will become faster and accurate with Labview. Also, modern programming activities are highly dependent on Labview. This means, to get a high-profile job and do good in your profession, you must learn Labview. And why won’t you master this skill when you get excellent learning platforms that provide the best certification courses.


Now that you know why Labview learning can be a great skill and how it can help in your career, you must know about the best Labview courses that you can choose from. Let’s start!

Linkedin Labview course

Linkedin, the largest trusted hub for interacting with people for searching for jobs, and building professional connections also offers high-quality courses for skill development.

It offers a beginner-level course that has 10 parts including an introduction and a conclusion. It starts with the fundamentals and teachers loop, data creations, debugging, signal processing, problem-solving skills, and provides a large number of Labview resources. 

It costs online $30 and teaches system engineering and Labview. The trainer is a professional and would teach you all the basics and help you learn practical skills. You would learn to create graphical programming and a visual approach for data representation. 

The trainer will regularly conduct tests to see what you are learning from the lessons. The continuous practice and examinations would improve and polish your expertise so that you can implement it in research works and lab activities. You would get a bunch of exercise materials on the website.

You can also access the course offline. On any android and IoS mobile device, you can download the course materials once you sign up for the course. Also, you can start with a free trial. 

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No doubt about the standard and quality courses Udemy offers to the learners. The Labview course by Udemy costs only $ 169.99 which will start from the introductory level and gradually take you to the advanced stage of Labview. 

You would require to know the basic applications on PC to start this course. The course contains 7.5 hours of on-demand video and provides an article. You can access the course on mobile phones and TV. Besides, you will get lifetime access to the course materials after you pay for the course. After completing the course, you will receive a certificate to be added to your CV and improve your skill profile.

Anyone who is interested in learning programming works with industrial automation, and researchers, scientists, and engineers involved in this field can opt for this course. 

The course teaches to operate with various data Properties in NI USB 6009, Serial DAQ, Ethernet DAQ, etc. Working with different sensors is also taught in this course. It also instructs about saving and processing data and representing data. It shows how to use Labview for graphical programming and advanced-level visualization of data. 

The learning materials maintain a sequence so that you learn gradually and step-by-step. 

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MINDMAJIX Labview Training

One of the top-rated Labview courses is offered by MindMajix and you can get the best lessons from an expert. It is a 30 hours course conducted by an instructor who will take you through the course. It also consists of 20 hours of lab lessons to train you well about the practical usages of Labview.

You will get 24×7 lifetime support from the instructor and the team regarding any issue related to the course. The course offers self-paced learning, live online classes as well as corporate training for business purposes. The flexible time schedule will allow you to learn anytime you want.

On completion of the course, you would get a certificate. Not only that, you will get job assistance in case you require any help with Labview in the job sector. The 5 steps course will take you through the basic concepts of Labview tools, Working with the data and structures, and deploying the tools in creating interactive visuals and graphical representations.

You would be required to participate and work efficiently on 2 projects where you would need to show your expertise and knowledge. you will only get a certificate when you are ready to operate Labview proficiently and smoothly. Thus, apart from learning the lessons, you would also get practice materials to sharpen your skills.

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DIY guru offers a 90 days course that costs $ 105 and teaches you the fundamentals of Labview. Anyone interested in working with graphical programming can join this course. The course, however, targets to provide lessons to students and educators who are related to this field.

The course can be accessed according to your schedule and you can complete it in 30 days if you dedicate a few hours a week. The course always evaluates the performance of each trainee and sends suggestions and feedback to them so that they can know about their progress. 

Both theoretical and practical lessons are provided by the course trainer. Also, trainees who will prove their proficiency and expertise can get job consultation and opportunities via the support team. This is an exclusive option offered.

However, you would require a laptop or PC and internet access to get this course done. Also, it is preferable if you have basic knowledge about technology, programming, and scientific concepts. After the completion of the course, you would receive a certificate from this site.

The course starts from the basics and further proceeds towards the advanced level of Labview concepts and uses. Also, you would get involved in various tests and projects to examine your level of expertise. This helps you to improve your skills. Also, you can ask for help from the trainer if you need any assistance or to clarify a concept. 

This short course is one of the most recommended and like Labview courses available and is a great option to choose from.

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We are again coming back to the Udemy course which is suitable for advanced level Labvieww learning. This course would give you a complete idea about how to use the unique tools of Labview to make maximum use of it.

The course is available for only $ 12.99 that contains 8 hours of on-demand videos. The materials can be accessed for a lifetime after you purchase the course. You can get the course on your mobile phone as well as on TV and after the completion of the course, you would receive a certificate.

The course aims to train and develop expertise in people who are already operating with programming, science, and engineering. A number of sections are available and you would learn gradually to grab each concept clearly. Thus, you get to learn all the pro-level lessons via this course to make innovation and fruitful use of Labview.

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These are the top 5 courses that would explain the concepts and usages of Labview. Visit the websites of the courses to know more and choose a suitable deal for you. 

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