Top 10 Interesting HTML Project Ideas for Beginners


The web development process is incomplete without HTML. It is the basic coding tool used for the creation of websites and is often applied along with CSS for better results in the field of design and building websites. The HTML might look like a daunting language to grasp but with proper practice and apt HTML projects, you sure can improve the performance and the overall web development journey.

About HTML

The HTML language is very simple to learn but is an essential skill to gather if you are looking forward to making progress in the web development field. Just like learning any new skill, this takes patience and practice which is continuous and repetitive. This is when the HTML projects come in handy. Making yourself an amazing portfolio with HTML involves curation and putting your skills to the test with various projects.

Here in this article, we will be discussing some beginner-friendly HTML projects ideas for you which can polish your skills, strengthen your foundation and finally help you move forward with practiced skills of HTML to the web development industry or field. These projects will make you analyze the situation, use in skills you learned and also keep a tab on the progress you make, and evaluate yourself on how good you are in the HTML coding language.

1. The page of tribute

Considered as one of the easiest and simple HTML projects, this aims in creating a page for the people who have inspired and motivated you. Someone who you look up to and want to show respect to. The basic steps of HTML are used for this curation. Creating a web page and adding photos of the person along with their details and some quotes for them and your message make sit even more special and simple. When you incorporate the elements of CSS along with HTML, you can bring in some special effects and layouts. Adding the apt background color will also make it much more vibrant and interesting.

2. Survey Form

Survey forms are the first thing that any web page exhibits on its front. This is done to gather all the information from the customer which will help in analyzing their needs and also to keep them in the loop of the business with notifications. The creation of a survey form is also a simple HTML project for you to put your skills to the test. Having an idea of tags that need to be added will make this project much simpler as a whole. CSS elements could be added to further enhance the aesthetics of the form.

3. A page for technical documentation

The technical documentation page is yet another simple yet effective HTML project for beginners. The elements of HTML, CSS, and even JavaScript are used to complete this. The page will have two sides and on the left, it is the noting down of topics for which descriptions are included on the opposite side. The click function needed to execute this entire content could be added on by CSS or JavaScript functionality. You can check over here for an HTML web development company that would also be using such projects for training their beginner trainees to put their test to skill and to evaluate them.

4. Landing page

This project is not essentially a beginner one but is one that gets your foundation in HTML to test. As the landing page in itself is not a simple thing and matters in the overall web page performance, there are many elements to be cared for. The addition of various columns, boxes, titles, content boxes, and also the addition of the right colors is what will make it the right way. The color combination should sit right for the page and for this entire styling of the page you could use your CSS knowledge. The landing page has to be done well as it represents the right face of the business or the company. If it isn’t done well and is not organized it sure will affect the business and customer turnover.

5. Parallax website

The parallax website is the one in which the background remains fixed and with scrolling down you can see the entire image well and detailed. This effect is used widely in the web designing field now and this could be achieved by some basic fundamental understanding of HTML and its practice. The division of the entire page into multiple sections and adding the images and quotes along with it makes t more beautiful. You could also add CSS elements for the overall addition of a more aesthetic sense.

6. Page for events

Much like an event calendar, you could create an event page using the basic fundamental skills of HTML. Noting the different events, their timings in the different sections of the age is what this project consists of. The use of CSS skills can also enhance the overall aesthetics sense of your event page which is making the entire information gathering much easier. The use of bright colors, font styles, and all of these elements would add on tot the aura of the page. This page of events can help in organizing any big event for you. This HTML project will help in adding the fundamentals of coding to the best use as customers could note down the events, timing as another detail of the so-called events and functions.

7. Portfolio page

This project needs you to be efficient in HTML5 and CSS3 for the successful completion of it. The page with portfolio essentially contains all the information of yours along with your work samples, interests, even CV could be added on if needed. With the addition of header and footer lines, it becomes easy for you to demarcate all the given information. The header usually contains the personal information along with the photo of your attached and the footer contains all the social media channels you have for the complete portfolio. The portfolio page should represent you rightly,s s adding all information you think rightly represents you make sense to be added. The HTML could help in adding all the necessary details in the right spot for better viewing by anyone who scrolls through the portfolio page.

8. Website for restaurant

The websites for restaurants can be a very elaborate HTML project for you. This includes a detailed description of all the cuisines and delicacies and helps you polish your creative skills as a whole. The layout of the web page has to be very attractive for the customers to dive in and also the addition of various details and elements and even buttons for quick retrieval of information. The addition of images can also add to the overall captivating element. With the ample touch of CSS, the site might look professionally done and complete. The button for searching restaurants or food items has to be also added as it saves time for the customers. This HTML project might seem like a lot but is it’s very essential to slightly bring up the challenge to know how much you have improved in time and what is real progress quotient of.

9. Website for photography

Using the foundation and fundamentals of HTML5 and CSS3 the website for photography could be developed well as per the beginner projects. Adding a lot of images and creating a gallery out of it is what makes the website for photography much more creative and aesthetically pleasing. The different layouts for the placement of photos in the gallery can also be put across. Adding the images, adjusting their resolution and size, and arranging them in different grids is what gives the page the perfect look. This is what will put the website to be rightly designed with no lumps.

10. Music page for the store

This could be a cool HTML project for you if you are a music lover. This will need you to grasp the basics and application of HTML5 and CSS3. The addition of the background image along with adding the music and songs with buttons is what makes it functional. Explaining the purpose of the page with a small description of different genres of music you have would attract people and listeners. The songs that are included could also have descriptions attached to them with play buttons and images added to them. At the footer section, there can be an addition of information regarding contact details of people and their social media channels. The page has to have utilities that let customers listen to the track. So be sure o add this utility button too while coding in.


These are the 10 most exciting and fun projects for beginner HTML students. These are not just fun but also a constant practice worthy for the beginner in you. Any skill needs to become the best for it to be practiced well. These projects will help in understanding the project, application of the skill set accurately, analyzing your mistakes, and make progress which is sure to make the entire journey of HTML easy for you.

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