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20 Best Graphic Design Interview Questions [Latest 2021]

The interview process for graphic designers is an obstacle course of creative problem solving, communication, and design.

A good interview will consist of some form of portfolio review and an in-depth discussion about the applicant’s work. The discussion with the interviewer will illustrate what the applicant has done before, what they are capable of doing now, and how they could take on new projects in the future.

Here we have sorted out some graphic design interview questions that are commonly asked:

1. Tell us about yourself

Ans. This question is commonly asked across all platforms. Firstly, make sure to not recite your resume. You can answer by speaking about your current role, recent accomplishment, a recent client you worked with, and such. But do not go too much into details. Keep it concise. Practice and not memorize what you want to say.

2. Why did you choose this profession?

Ans. Speak about the first time you decided to get into this profession. Tell me about what inspired you!! Be it random doodling or coming across a great piece of design, it can be anything.

3. How are you a good graphic designer?

Ans. Every graphic designer has the required skills such as imagination, passion, curiosity, etc. But what makes you stand out is the question here. You can speak about how you can handle multiple projects, have good communication skills (it is a necessary skill), eager to learn, are an all-rounder, etc.

4. What are your strengths and weakness?

Ans. The answer to this is different for everyone. Just be honest. When answering your weakness speak about a particular skill you lack and what are you doing to develop it.

5. What design projects are you interested in?

Ans. Everyone has a particular niche they are interested in as well as good at. You can answer it in this way – “although I like all the aspects of designing, I love designing for marketing, brochures, advertisements and such. Also, remember that there is no obligation to have a niche.

6. What design software do you use?

Ans. Here the interviewer wants to know the design software you have used previously. And if you are familiar with the other software, so as to see if you would be able to adapt to the new software (in case theirs is an in-house software) as well test your knowledge regarding the latest design software.

7. What do you prefer – working alone or as a team?

Ans. This is a trick question. It speaks about the type of person you are. The objective of the interviewer is to determine if you can adapt to the needs of the project. And it is great if you can work both solos and as a team depending on the project.

8. Show us the designs that you’re proud of and tell us why?

Ans. This shows them what you are capable of and your ability to explain a design piece as well as confidence in your skills.

9. What do you do when you hit a creative block?

Ans. At some point, you must have experienced creative block(s). Creative block is the inability to channel your inner creativity. The reason can range from lack of inspiration to disheartening feedback. Alas, you have to bounce back, so plan how to do it. It can be going on a walk, listening to music, talking to friends or anything.

10. If we ask you to design a new logo for our company, how would it be?

Ans. This gives the employer an opportunity a look into your thought process. They’ll also look upon how much you read and understood the company.

11. What is the process of creating a graphic design?

Ans. Creating a graphic design involve planning, while for some it’s going with the flow sometimes. Creating a design requires

• Research
• identification of the objective
• Strategy
• Development of design
• Improvement of design
• Final design.

12. What’s your take on criticism?

Ans. Taking criticism in stride is an art. One should never back away from criticisms. It is important to entertain criticisms in order to know where you need to improve. This shows the employer Situs Judi Slot Terbaik Dan Terpercaya No 1 how much you value feedback and willingness to improve it and make the design more appealing.

13. How do you handle tight deadlines?

Ans. You can share a story where you managed to meet deadlines in a short amount of time; how you strategized and prioritized tasks.

14. What is the latest design campaign you saw and what did you like and not like in it?

Ans. Just answering with a simple it was good\not good won’t suffice. You have to explain why you liked\disliked it. In case you disliked it, this is the opportunity to showcase your critique skills. Tell them what change would have made the design look appealing.

15. Why are you interested in working for us?

Ans. This is a question asked across all platforms irrespectively. It is asked to get a better understanding of your motivations for the job. Here the employer wants to know how your skills will benefit the company. You have to explain why and how you are an asset to this company. Speak about how the job’s responsibilities align with your interests.

16. How do you keep up with the latest trends in design?

Ans. Designers should always have knowledge of the latest design trends in order to keep their designs fresh. Keeping up with the latest trends can be through Instagram, magazines, etc.

17. Where do you get inspiration for your design from?

Ans. There is no one set answer for this question. Each designer has different sources of inspiration. For example, some might get inspired by their role models, whilst some might from art, music, film, etc.

18. Do you have any questions for me?

Ans. It is always good to ask questions to potential employers. You can ask about the expectations of the given role, their team structure & such. You don’t have to prepare a long list, one or two questions will do fine.

These are some brief and common questions you may be asked in an interview. Although prepare about the technical questions such as the use of javascript in design, types of design projects, Adobe Pagemaker, designing tools, etc.

All the Best!