5 Free SAS Courses for Beginners

SAS (Statistical Analysis System) is software used for data study, data management, and statistical analysis. It is relevant in almost all industries to effectively organize and examine the data. But mostly, software companies, financial services, and the IT sector use SAS.

Nevertheless, the usage of SAS by the SAS institute is broader. It offers a variety of data and business management tools. SAS helps to examine the customer requirement and demands. It provides a fraud framework to check on the transactions and look for frauds. SAS Enterprise GRC is another tool used for effective risk management by analyzing the possible hazards. Last but not least, SAS IT management solutions collect data, make reports and get it ready for analysis. However, more tools are there that can be accessed if you learn SAS.

But where are you going to learn SAS? You must know the reliable sources and trainers who can guide you about SAS and teach how it is used. There are a number of free SAS courses and paid courses by reputed institutions and online sites where you can learn SAS from skilled experts.

It is definitely a great opportunity to opt for the free SAS courses as you can learn the software thoroughly from experts without paying a penny.

So, here are the top 5 free SAS courses that you can choose from.

Free SAS Online Training – SAS

The free SAS courses by SAS is one of the most reliable sources to learn SAS. You get premium learning resources that would train and guide you throughout the process for free. SAS offers skill development tools to learn data analysis, statistical analysis, SAS programming, and all the other aspects of it.

  • It offers 4 dedicated courses depending on your SAS idea and prior experience. The ‘Statistics 1’ course gives introductory lessons about statistical analysis.
  • ‘SAS Programming’ course is offered to R users who have the basic idea and want to expand their knowledge and skills to establish a position in the SAS market.
  • The ‘SAS platform administration’ is the course that is dedicatedly used for the business sectors analytics and statistics.
  • The most advanced course ‘SAS Viya enablement’ teaches analytic innovation and offers two workshops on SAS Viya tools.

You can easily access the outline of each course from the website and opt for the one you need. You may also check out the YouTube tutorials to know about the course and learn SAS.

SAS courses by the SAS are top-notch as you will receive 24×7 customer support and assistance from trainers if you face any difficulty. The learning procedure is quite smooth as the process goes online and you get a lot of resources to take lessons.

You get blogs, SAS software trials, resources, answers to the commonly asked questions, reviews, and experiences of customers (know about how the course benefitted them), to learn a lot more about SAS and receive real-life industry experiences to let you understand the implementation of SAS.

You can appear for a SAS certification exam through this SAS site and earn a certificate to validate your training. The site also guides you about the career opportunities that you may choose.

Thus, complete guidance and training is provided by this SAS site where you don’t only master using SAS but also know about its applications, uses, benefits, and real-life importance of SAS. It is indeed an enlightening course for tech enthusiasts interested in working with SAS.

SAS Programmer Professional Certificate – Coursera

One of the world-known learning sites is Coursera and it is now offering free SAS courses for all. Coursera claims that most of the newcomers get a job and employees get a promotion after the completion of this particular course. Yes, it is definitely a high-rated course that you should go for if you want to learn SAS.

The course goes online with a flexible schedule where you can learn whenever you prefer. Both a newcomer and an experienced person can join the course as it starts from the basics. It would take approximately 5 months to complete the course. However, you have to sit for an examination in order to receive a professional certificate.

Appearing on the exam is always recommended as it will help to assess how much you have learned and if you are capable of implementing the skills in the industry or not. The examination makes you ready to kickstart your SAS career. Also, obtaining a certificate would validate your knowledge and skills enhancing your CV.

Coursera SAS course would train you to prepare for the industry. It starts with teaching the basics of SAS programming and its uses. Then it would train you about data collection, accessing the data, and processing them for further usage. Once the data is prepared, you would now learn to make reports and convert them into common formats (PDF, Excel, etc). Then comes the part of analyzing and evaluating the reports. At last, you would learn how to apply SAS programming and the tools to solve real-life problems and issues.

SAS Resources and Learning Path – Analytics Vidhya

Here is another site where you can learn SAS for free. The free SAS courses by Analytics Vidhya comes in 11 steps and in each step, you would get precise ideas and knowledge on the topic. The course is detailed and a bit long, clarifying all the aspects of SAS so that you can successfully implement the tools in real-life.

The course starts with an overview and then discusses SQL and descriptive and inferential statistics. Now, the course turns into teaching the tools and applications of SAS depending on the sector you are working in. You would learn about the algorithm, IML, SAS Macros, collection and segmentation of data to form useful reports and implement them practically.
Once you enter the website, you would get the course materials step by step. By following the steps and going through the learning materials provided, you would slowly develop a clear idea of SAS and its usages. You would also get good guidance on how to appear for a SAS examination and earn the certificate.

The website also gives job opening advertisements and provides career opportunities that you may like after learning SAS. Such a useful and interactive website would definitely help you out with the right solution at the right time. Thus, you are getting a complete package of SAS here free of cost. Click here to know more about the course.

Mike’s SAS Tutorials

YouTube is now a popular platform for learning. So here comes a convenient and flexible SAS learning opportunity that most youngsters would love. You can get access to all the course materials in video format to learn easily whenever you want. This is one of the most popular free SAS courses available which provides you step-by-step guidance.

As you enter the channel, you would see a great number of short tutorial videos that discuss each stage of SAS usage and provide a detailed picture of SAS. The whole YouTube channel analyses the uses and implementations of SAS and trains people to use it effectively for organizational development.

The biggest benefit is that the channel keeps providing updates on SAS and you can easily keep up the pace if you subscribe here. So, the learning process continues as you stay tuned to the channel. It would increase your competitiveness and you would remain updated with the latest developments of SAS.

Mike’s SAS tutorial is, therefore, indeed a smart choice for self-paced learning, SAS expertise, and getting updated information about SAS from anywhere anytime.
Click here to know more about this tutorial.

Learn SAS for free – Jigsaw Academy

The last site from where you can get free SAS courses is Jigsaw Academy. The official website mentions 14 different learning objectives and outcomes that you would master after the completion of the course. The list includes SAS documentation and support, data organization and management, SAS programming, and exercises to test your skills of SAS.
The course materials are available on the website for free from where you can download and study the lessons. The lessons are suitable for beginners who want to become a SAS expert. The lessons can be accessed online as well you can get a trainer who would coach you according to the requirement of the organization. Also, in-house lessons would provide you access to premium course materials depending on the organization you are working with.

You become industry-ready when you opt for the SAS course with Jigsaw Academy. Get enrolled today to learn the best SAS tactics and mechanisms to use SAS in the best way possible.


The relevance of SAS is still prominent and nowadays, most industries rely and trust on SAS services rather than most other data analysis software. SAS is super easy to use if you learn consciously and practice. You can also innovate and improve your performance for the welfare of the company.

When SAS can create such a great job opportunity and the courses are available for free, what are you waiting for? Enroll the best among the top 5 free SAS courses now.

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