Interview QuestionsTop 10 Cypress Interview Questions

Top 10 Cypress Interview Questions [2021 Updated]


Q1. Which OS does cypress support?

Ans. Cypress supports macOS, Linux, and Windows and can be installed on the mentioned platforms. See the system requirements here.

Q2. What browsers does cypress support?

Ans. Cypress is initiated from the Test Runner and it supports the following browsers:

  • Chrome 80
  • Edge 79
  • Edge Dev 81
  • Edge Canary 81
  • Edge Beta 80
  • Electron 78
  • Canary 82
  • Firefox 72
  • Firefox nightly 74
  • Firefox dev edition 73
  • Chromium 78

The supported browsers are shown on the top left corner of the test runner. The browser can be changed at any time by selecting the required ones from the drop-down list.

Q3. What is the command used to run a browser in Cypress?

Ans. The Electron browser is pre-installed and comes default with the tool. 

To run Electron within the CLI, it can be launched headlessly. 

The below command needs to be used to run the Electron browser headed.

cypress run --headed

 Q4. What are the advantages of Cypress?

Ans. There are many advantages of cypress but below are some of the most interesting ones.

  • Real-time reloads
  • Debuggability
  • Automatic waiting
  • OpenSource Tool
  • Fast response time
  • Active community support
  • Plugin ecosystem

Q5. How is Cypress different from the X testing tool?

Ans. Cypress test runner acts as an application, framework, service all packed into a single tool. It supports other testing tools available and improves their overall performance.

The other tools are: 

  • Mocha
  • Karma
  • Capybara
  • Protractor

Q6. What languages does Cypress support?

Ans. Cypress is easy to use if you are familiar with JavaScript and NPM package Manager for JavaScript.

Q7. What is automation in Cypress?

Ans. Cypress automation is the process of running a test code simultaneously with the application with the help of a user. The test not only executes in a single loop but it also happens in a single browser. A Node.js server is used for the tasks that happen outside the browser.

Q8. What are the other tools used along with Cypress?

Ans. Prettier is a tool that is recommended for code formatting and other tools like Xpath, Cucumber, and Docker are used while performing product testing. 

Q9. What is the installation command for Cypress?

Ans. The below command is used to install Cypress IO

npm install cypress

 Q10. Does Cypress support native mobile apps?

Ans. Cypress does not support native mobile apps, but it can be tested for some functionality of mobile browsers and test apps that are used within a browser. One of such supported frameworks is Ionic.

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