Top 15 CyberArk Competitors To Consider

CyberArk is one of the fastest-growing cybersecurity vendors in the world. CyberArk’s products and services are designed to protect data assets across physical, virtual, and cloud environments. While it has grown tremendously over the years, there are other companies out there that provide similar solutions. We did some research to find the top 15 competitors for CyberArk!

List of CyberArk Competitors:


BeyondTrust is a security company that provides privileged session management tools. BeyondTrust’s products are designed to reduce the risk of breaches by ensuring secure access and stronger logon controls for sensitive systems across the hybrid cloud, physical, virtualized environments as well as on-premises.

Cisco Systems Inc.

One of Cisco’s subsidiaries is Neohapsis, an organization that provides penetration testing services. Neohapsis also offers security assessments, architecture reviews and custom application security training to help customers secure their systems against cyberattacks.

Emerson Electric Company

Another well-known company in the industry is Emerson Electric Co., which has been operating since 1890. They have a team of cybersecurity experts who are committed to helping organizations address security risks and threats. With offices in 150 countries, Emerson Electric Co offers products that help keep networks safe from cyberattacks.


Thycotic is a company that provides privileged account management (PAM) solutions. Privileged accounts are the highest level of access to systems and data, so Thycotic’s tools help organizations protect their critical information assets by limiting user permissions for sensitive cloud applications.

IBM Security Systems Division

Part of IBM since 2002, Rational division has a Cyber Security Services division that provides cyber risk assessment, security engineering and program development services. They also offer incident response support to help organizations recover from attacks as quickly as possible.

Microsoft Corporation

Another large technology company is Microsoft Corp., which offers solutions for cloud access security broker (CASB). CASBs are designed to protect sensitive data in cloud applications. With a variety of products, Microsoft Corp., has been able to help organizations manage their identities and access controls securely since 1975.

Symantec Corporation

One well-known security company is Symantec, which provides traditional antivirus software as well as enterprise threat management solutions that protect businesses from both external and internal sources of cyberthreats. Symantec offers a range of products and services to help protect critical systems from data loss or theft, including endpoint security, spam filtering and vulnerability management solutions.


Since 2004, Centrify has been helping businesses protect their identities. They offer solutions for cloud access security broker (CASB), identity management and privileged account management that help keep business networks safe from cyberattacks by limiting user permissions on sensitive systems.

Broadcom Corporation

Broadcom Corporation is another well-known company in the industry. They provide access control solutions for data centers, including cyber security management tools to help secure enterprise networks and cloud services. Their products are designed to protect critical systems from unauthorized users while allowing authorized users easy access with strong authentication controls.


Since 2010, CipherCloud has been helping to protect valuable information and data from cyberattacks. Their cloud encryption platform provides businesses with a way to encrypt their sensitive data before it is sent over the Internet, ensuring safe transmission even when attackers manage to get access.


A more recent company in the industry is HashiCorp. They have been providing solutions for cloud security since 2012, and their products help ensure safe data storage on public or private clouds by encrypting it before transmission.

McAfee LLC

Another well-known cyber security company is McAfee LLC, a global leader in cybersecurity that provides advanced threat protection to help organizations detect and respond to cyberattacks. With offices all over the world, McAfee is dedicated to helping businesses protect their critical information assets by offering a range of products that can be integrated with existing security solutions.


ManageEngine offers a range of cyber security solutions that help businesses monitor and manage their networks from a single, centralized console. Their solution provides both real-time network visibility as well as the ability to detect threats before they happen.

One Identity

Since 2005, One Identity has helped protect critical business information by securing identities and access through both traditional on-premise solutions as well as cloud services. They offer a range of products to help ensure that only authorized users have access to sensitive systems, with everything from password managers for secure authentication control all the way up to multifactor authentication tools.


Another newer company in the industry is JumpCloud, which provides enterprise identity management solutions that help businesses centralize their identities and access controls for cloud services. Their flexible platform can be easily integrated into existing technology environments to provide centralized control over user permissions on all of an organization’s critical assets.


The cyber security industry is constantly evolving, with new companies joining the space each day to offer customers more options for protecting their information. The above listed  CyberArk competitors are just some of the many well-known competitors in this ever-changing field.

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