5 Best Checkpoint courses of 2021

A company or a certain business is always prone to get attacked by hackers as cybersecurity threats have increased a lot in the past few years. And as no individuals data is safe anymore, the companies cannot overlook the importance and need for cybersecurity training at any cost.

Certain studies have stated again and again that most of the digital attacks happen due to the lack of knowledge among the employees about the different cybersecurity software. Most of the hackers and attackers are highly skilled and they do have the ability to easily trick the users into giving them access to specific important information. And hence, human errors are the core way by which these attackers extract vital information from the companies.

In order to stop your employees from becoming a medium for losing the essential data of your organization, the best method is to educate them and give them proper training about the various aspects and uses of firewall and cybersecurity by opting for checkpoint courses or something similar. Enrolling in these courses will strengthen their knowledge and will allow them to stay aware of the various consequences of how the malpractices of phishing are conducted by over-skilled hackers.

The systems are manipulated and handled by these phishers in such a way that human error becomes the easiest option for them to access and ruin the basic resources of a company or organization in no time. And for conducting your business ventures without any trouble and for maintaining the quality of the services of your company, equipping the employees with advanced and latest security techniques is the only defense method that can save your company from the hands of hackers.

Read ahead and find out about the various checkpoint courses which will train you or your employees properly about the distinctive ways and strategies by which you can identify the threats and eliminate them before the damage is caused.

If you are already having any prior knowledge about it, that will definitely help you to grasp these courses more easily. However, there is not going to be an issue even if you are a beginner and are going to come across these concepts for the first time. As the following list of courses includes programs both for beginners as well for those who are looking for options to enhance their knowledge.

Checkpoint Jump Start (by Cybrary)

There are two-course options to choose from the ones offered by Cybrary. While one is designed typically for beginners to learn about the various threats and malpractices conducted by hackers and cybersecurity attackers. The other one is for those people ao are willing to enhance their knowledge about the security threats so that they can tackle all kinds of situations at the time of an emergency and save the organization from losing any necessary resources to the hackers.

Let us dive in a bit deeper and learn about both the checkpoint courses in detail.

Checkpoint jump-start: Maestro Hyperscale Network Security is taught by the industry of checkpoint itself and hence you will definitely get an amazing experience and ace all the needed important skills with their constant guidance and training. This course will mainly prepare you for their basic level exam which will certify you for the successful completion of this course.

You will get to learn about the complete details of a Maestro product and the main perk is a demonstration of the product is included in the course curriculum which will let you understand the whole thing with ease. You will learn about a variety of things that is a must-know for every newbie in this industry. Starting from the initial installation process of the Maestro Orchestrator to the creation and configuration of security groups via the web user interface and SmartConsole features, you will be trained about all of it in no time.

Checkpoint jump-start is also designed for beginners and will cover the different features of checkpoint security management which will prepare you to utilize its various tools effectively. It will further cover the detailed characteristics of the security gateway. Different topics on the uses of technologies like Stateful Inspection, Application Layer Firewall, and Secure Internal Communication are going to be explained.

The complete module is broken into small segments and you can easily grasp the whole course by understanding and learning efficiently. There are a number of important topics which will be taught in detail and will help you to protect your company’s necessary resources with competence.

If you are willing to give these Checkpoint courses a shot, click here and find out about all the other basic information.

Checkpoint CCSA R80.10 (by Udemy)

From system administrators, support analysts, network engineers, firewall enthusiasts to security engineers or information security analysts, this course is equally beneficial and suitable for all of you. These checkpoint courses will give you an in-depth idea about the general knowledge of this particular firewall as well as about the threat prevention policies, VON, IPsec, setting up a cluster, access control policy management, and HTTP inspection.

You just need to have the basic knowledge of TCP/IP as well the working knowledge of Windows or UNIX, networking technology, and obviously of the internet. The entire course will enlighten you about the workings of the features of the checkpoint along with the lab guidance. The course is divided into ten small sections and hence, you can learn it according to your own convenience.

In order, to find out about the complete content of the course, click here right away!

Self-study resources of Check Point

The main perk of the online checkpoint courses is that you have the freedom to learn according to your own convenient time and hence, complete it at a certain pace that is comfortable enough for you. The official website of the checkpoint offers an exhaustive range of resources to learn from. Upon that all of them can be accessed easily and you don’t need to pay any bucks for utilizing the study materials in order to enhance your knowledge and skills about this firewall.

If you are skeptical about the usage of these resources, you can opt to visit their support site and get familiar with what all guides are offered and how they are going to assist you in your learning journey. From video tutorials to different guides offering the step by step guidance about the different versions of checkpoints, there is an ample number of resources to help you with the learning process.

Click here and find out about the different topics and features that are covered in the various guides offered by the Checkpoint official website.

CheckPoint Training (by MindMajix)

The main benefit of learning from these checkpoint courses offered by MindMajix is that you will get three training options to choose from. You can easily opt for the one which suits your schedule in the best way and hence you won’t feel stressed during the learning journey.

The online training option will offer you a live demonstration of the practical aspects and features of the firewall as well as you will get LMS access to all of the online training sessions of this firewall which you will be attaining through GoToMeeting. The self-paced learning program will let you get a grip of the complete course at your convenient time. Besides that, all of the tutorial videos are led by an instructor who is having prior experience in the industry.

The corporate training method will give you the opportunity to outline the complete course according to the needs of your project. Besides that, the complete content is the same for all of the training methods and if you feel that it is not enough for your requirement, you can easily customize one according to your specified needs.

If you think that this course is going to help you to ace the skills in no time, enroll in it and get hands-on experience while working on useful and interesting projects and also by learning from real-life examples. You will learn about all the basics of checkpoint which will further allow you to configure and manage the checkpoint firewalls.

Click here and find out the complete specifications of the course.

CCSA- Check Point Certified Security Administrator R80.20 (by Global Knowledge) 

Getting certified for the CCSA will allow you to install, configure and manage the Checkpoint Security Gateway and Management software Blade systems on the GAiA operating system. You will be learning a wide range of features in vivid details and that will assist you when you will feel the need to work against network threats, manage user access to corporate LANs, and many more.

You just need to have the basic knowledge and about six months of experience with Check Point products and the general knowledge of networking and TCP/IP. Getting a complete idea of the firewall will definitely benefit you highly at the time of working in your company.

Click here and find out further info about this course.


You are definitely going to get profited in a number of ways from these Checkpoint courses and that will further assist you to work flawlessly and protect your organization’s vital resources and information from highly-skilled attackers and phishers. From learning about the different types of cybersecurity threats extensively to the ways to identify and eliminate them, you are going to come across a diversified range of topics that will help you to manage the security of your company effectively.

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