Top 15 Apigee Interview Questions and Answers

1. What does the term “API” mean?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. It is a set of rules that can be followed by any computer.

API allows two different parties to work together without having to know anything about how the other party is built or what it does. API’s are often used when one company wants to make its system or service available to another group of people, without having to share all its secrets.

2. What does the term “API Management” mean?

API management is a software platform that handles all of the complexities of building and managing an API.

It can be challenging to build an API that will work for everyone, but with a management platform, it becomes easier. It helps to prioritize features for the API, analyzes traffic, and see what other platforms are doing with their APIs. The best part is that it can be used by both small and big companies so they are not left behind in this digital age.

3. What is Apigee?

The Apigee API management platform helps companies to design, develop, deploy and manage APIs.

Apigee’s main objective is to make it easy for developers to create new APIs that work with all of your company’s software systems. It also provides a centralized hub for managing the security, performance, reliability, and scalability of all of your APIs.

Apigee also provides a marketplace where companies can buy third-party APIs that others have created.

4. What is Apigee Gateway?

Apigee Gateway is an API management service that helps developers to securely connect their applications to other web services and data sources. It provides an interface for managing the API lifecycle from design and development through production operations, and it can be used across a variety of platforms.

Apigee Gateway is not an API management platform. It provides an interface for managing the API lifecycle from design and development through production operations, meaning you can use it to manage any API.

5. What is an API platform?

API platforms are services that are designed to be integrated with other systems for them to communicate without any direct connection.

6. How does an API Platform work?

Here’s how it works: API platforms allow one system to send information to another system or get information from another system. It can either be a request or response type of transaction where one side transfers data through an open communication interface, such as HTTP, XML, SOAP, etc.

7. What is API Mashery?

API Mashery is a company that provides software for building and managing APIs.

The company was one of the first to offer a product that can allow an application to talk to other applications, opening up new opportunities for companies like you.

Its API management platform allows you to manage access levels and usage monitoring, so it’s easy for you to find out who’s using your APIs, what they are doing with them, and how much they are costing.

8. What is Apigee Sense?

Apigee Sense is a platform that was built with the intention of helping customers to understand where their digital risks lie. It has a Risk Intelligence Engine that can analyze customer data and detect anomalies to provide insights into how businesses could be vulnerable to cyberattacks.

It also has an analytics engine that provides the customer with in-depth insights on performance and stability metrics which help them to optimize their application’s performance.

9. What are some of the API Security features available In Apigee Sense?

Apigee Sense is a security platform for API management that provides security features like API key protection, API protection, API usage monitoring, and RESTful API access.

Some of the popular features in Apigee Sense are:

-API key protection: Protects APIs by using OAuth authentication and token-based authorization.

-API protection: Provides security by securing all APIs from unauthorized access with the help of pre-defined identity and authentication policies.

-API usage monitoring: Monitors all requests to an API with detailed information on the number of requests made during different time periods.

-RESTful API access: Provides easy access to secure RESTful APIs over HTTPS through a single endpoint.

10. Define Azure API Management Service.

The Azure API Management Service is a tool that enables you to create, publish, monitor, and secure your APIs.

The API Management Service can also be used in managing API keys for different applications and the service provides support for authorization policies that can be tied in with your APIs. You can also manage the security rules and permissions for the API keys as well as monitor all API calls.

11. What is Apigee Edge?

Apigee Edge is an AI-powered API management software that is built to help companies make HTTP requests and responses. Apigee Edge offers a variety of features such as analytics, authentication, data protection, and APIs for mobile apps.

Apigee Edge is a complete API management platform that consists of three main parts: the actual edge server with edge functions, the command-line interface (CLI), and the web console. The way this platform works is that companies can create their own APIs by combining a number of pre-defined blocks or by creating their own custom blocks using SDKs.

This software helps developers manage the API life cycle with ease. It also reduces the time it takes to develop an API from weeks to minutes.

12. What is the use of Apigee SDK?

Developers and digital agencies need to be up-to-date with the latest industry trends. One of the best ways for them to do this is by using Apigee SDK.

The primary benefit of using Apigee SDK is that it provides an out-of-the-box solution for developers. It allows them to get started quickly and focus on their skillset rather than spending time on solving problems that other companies have already solved. This saves a lot of time when working on projects for clients, which in turn, helps reduce costs.

13. What is Apigee Usergrid?

Apigee is a platform that takes the IP address of the device to generate a device ID. Usergrid then syncs this data with the Apigee API. This creates an auditable link between devices and users.

Usergrid aims to make it easier for developers to build apps that share information across different platforms or services while still retaining ownership of their data. It does this by allowing developers to store user data in one centralized location that can be accessed with just a single API call, regardless of where the data is stored—whether that’s on-premise or in the cloud, on AWS, GCE, Azure, or elsewhere.

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