12 Advantages of jQuery for Web Developers

If you’re a web developer, then jQuery is something that you should be familiar with. It’s an open-source JavaScript library designed to simplify the client-side scripting of HTML documents. While it may seem like just another ordinary tool for your website or application, there are actually 12 reasons why you shouldn’t ignore jQuery! Read on to discover what they are..

Ajax integration

jQuery makes it easy to create Ajax requests and use the returned data. If you’re not familiar with what Ajax is, then don’t worry about that for now – just know that jQuery will let you pull content from your server without refreshing your whole page. This can be used in all sorts of different ways such as sending form data or getting stats on how many people have visited a particular page.

easy access to plug-ins

Not only does jQuery help simplify creating JavaScript programs, but also easily accessing third-party libraries through its extensive plugin repository. There are currently over 600 plugins available that expand upon the functionality that comes built into jQuery itself! You’ll find everything from validation tools and drag/drop interfaces to photo galleries and RSS feed readers.

visual effects and animations

jQuery offers some very cool visual effects that can be used on your website or application to grab the user’s attention. Whether it’s sliding, fading, or zooming in/out, jQuery will allow you to create an impressive interface with just a few lines of code!

The library is lightweight

Since version one, jQuery has been built for speed. This makes it great for mobile browsers which are often slower than their desktop counterparts – not only does this make pages load faster but also helps improve battery life too! There have even been tests done demonstrating how using jQuery could reduce page size by around 60%!

Cross-browser compatibility is another reason why you should never neglect the power of jQuery. As long as you’re not targeting really old web browsers, then jQuery should work with your website or application in most cases.

It’s free!

Since it was open-source from the very beginning, this library has always been completely free to use and distribute. This makes it a valuable tool for any developer who doesn’t want to spend time creating their own tools – let alone having to pay for them!

jQuery is secure

Since this library deals mainly with HTML documents, it’s usually pretty safe from XSS attacks since JavaScript doesn’t get access to any sort of browser data. There are still things you can do which may introduce security issues such as passing user input directly into a SQL query – but these situations will be few and far between if your code is written properly! The fact that using Ajax also helps prevent CSRF attacks should also make developers feel more confident when releasing their work online.

jQuery is easy to learn

When you first hear about jQuery, it may sound a little scary because of all the features it includes. But don’t worry – learning how to use this library isn’t as hard as you might think! There are several websites and interactive tutorials that can help jumpstart your journey into becoming an expert with ease.

There’s also lots of support available

If for whatever reason something goes wrong or doesn’t work correctly when writing code, there are plenty of places where questions can be asked and answered. The jQuery Forum is a good place to start, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for then Stack Overflow might be able to help!

Clean and beautiful syntax

jQuery has a very clean and intuitive syntax that’s easy to read. This makes it easier for developers to jump into existing codebases in order to make changes, which ultimately saves time in the long run. It also means less training is required when adding new team members – everyone can look at your jQuery-based work and know what you’ve done or are doing within seconds.

Easy DOM manipulation and CSS interaction

jQuery makes it incredibly easy to manipulate the DOM, as well as interact with any element on a page that you want. This means less time spent debugging and testing your code before pushing changes live since jQuery has methods for virtually anything you can dream of!

jQuery is everywhere

Libraries like jQuery are used on millions of sites across the internet, which means it has a huge community to support you when needed. This also means that there are plenty of examples out in the wild for developers to look at and learn from.

Highly extensible

jQuery is highly extensible. You can add plugins to do almost anything you need for your application, or replace the plugin with a custom routine that does exactly what you want it to do. This also means that if another developer develops an awesome jQuery library and releases it into the wild, all developers who use jQuery will gain access to this great new functionality within minutes of its release!


As you can see, there are many reasons why jQuery is a great option for your next web development project. Whether it’s the cross-browser compatibility or the ease of use, CSS and HTML developers should definitely not ignore this powerful framework!

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